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save space & brighten up any room with


Recently I moved into a very small room, it only has a teeny little basement window so I decided to fake a large looking window (and add some color) by hanging a curtain rod above my bed and displaying my pashminas. This is a functional, cheap,  easy and pretty way to brighten up a room and show off your favourite scarves. I absolutely love pashmina’s I cannot stress how much of a difference wearing one can make in your style and your warmth!

Another great item to display? Your jewelry collection- accessories as art!

all the pretty pashminas

As you can see, I have a major love for leopard print!

Do you like my home made body pillow cover? Cedric sure does! fake a window using a curtain rod to hang up your scarf collection

What really makes a house a home is the heart. For me my animals are my heart; Cedric is my everything and  I love my fish- an aquarium as a display is serene, relaxing and beautiful. My favourite way to unwind is to light the candles and watch the fishies swim. The soft light and their fluid movements are very peaceful. In every home you should have a place where you can feel peaceful and meditate.

xo, a


I’ve had a crazy week, I decided to live with my Grandparents on weekends, and  moved in with my best friend Michelle after having some issues with my previous living arrangements, so I have had no time for blogging with such a big change on such short notice, but I think this is going to be much better! In the mean time, insta-snapshots of my busy week.

new arm candy cross bracelets studs gold

new arm candy – ALDO – cross  + stud stacked braceletsdistracted driving with Cedric Diggory

Cedric Diggory loves car rides! He hopped up onto my shoulder for the long drive!drinks with my new roomie and oldest friend

Back in the city, celebrating moving in with margaritas!and of course, food

..and by stuffing our faces with appetizers from Moxies.first night in the new home, cedric is getting settled in

Cedric getting settled in for his first night in a new home, again!love text, candles, seashells, home decor

Whenever I move in somewhere, I always need to have at least one beautiful thing set up before I unpack everything else! Scented candles, seashells, diamonds and a handwritten love note help me relax. After the stress of moving I unwound before bed with some gentle yoga.mundane task selfie - getting an oil change

Bored and vain getting an oil change. Super mundane stuff.tiger high low hem t shirt

my boy got me a giftcard, and I got me this dope Tiger high-low tee

(and a few other things) from le chateau.depression quote, people are assholes

What I learned in school today.

Hope your week is starting off well, xo, a

DIY ~ Mothers Day Gift!

 April showers bring May Flowers, and May means Mothers day!

Moms (at least my mum) love home made things! DIY mothers gifts always win- they have more “special meaning” and they show you are thinkin’ of her and that you really care. They are also WAY cheaper…bonus!  My mum is Scottish, she loves when she gets something nice, but she likes saving a dime even more (something most of us can relate to I think) so she raised me to love “making your own version”

Scented candles are really just a good easy gift for most women- so you can use this idea anytime.. Christmas office gift exchange? Your s/o’s mom invites you to her birthday? The best thing is its very easy to customize..

The idea came to me because my parents recently moved, and my mom has been gradually decorating their (new/old) place. She bought some wall-sconce things that she wanted to put candles on but she cant seem to find any she thinks look good-  so me being broke and crafty, I decided to make her some that I thought would go with the room!

I’ll have you to know I braved the rain to do this on my balcony! the boyfriend does not like “paint smell” or glitter, so I have to stay outside..



*Photo Notes* 

  1. I didn’t bother peeling off the bottom label, one layer of paint covered it easily!
  2. I did both my candles at once, alternating back and forth between the two each step.
  3. Once the bottoms were painted, I had a little bit left over. ‘Waste not!’ I thought, so I mixed in a bit of mod podge and stirred it together to make a more sheer color coverage on the bottom layer of lace, in the hope that it would bleed and give an “ombre” effect. (it did!)
  4. Paint on the mixture of paint+podge, approximately the same as the width of the ribbon you are going to adhere. (It doesn’t have to be perfect!)
  5. Stick the lace ribbon on, and rotate the candle with one hand while wrapping the lace around with the other. Once its on, tap it down to make sure the lace is really stuck on there! (I just used my fingers) I cut my lace to be “exact” -meaning I didn’t leave any extra, I learned it shrinks a tiny bit when you apply it, so learn from my mistake and  leave about 1cm extra when you cut your ribbons. You should pre-cut all your ribbons to save yourself hassle once your hands are all painty and glue covered.
  6. Once the bottom ribbon was on, I used the ‘podge+paint mixture on the very bottom part of the lace to stick it down and keep the blue color solid at the bottom.
  7. Layer 2- Don’t be stingy with the ModPodge, I used a dabbing motion to get lots on there! Wrap the lace around, tapping it down as you go- I overlapped it over the bottom layer by maybe a half-centimeter . TIP :  Start your wraps at the same point, and that “unfinished end” can go towards the back , or be hidden under the bow.
  8. One more layer -I did it a bit thinner and more carefully since it was at the top- of ModPodge and lace over the top. The candles came with a plastic cover lid which I kept on the whole time, It made it much easier to hold it while I was applying the glue and lace. (Obviously the amount of layers you have will depend on the size of your candle and the ribbon you’re using, I did 3, but more would work fine as well, just keep overlapping and building up.)
  9. Using a fork (-or whatever you have, really! …knife? spoon? spork?!) poke the lace down between the plastic rim of the lid, and onto the glass of the candle.
  10. Leave it to dry overnight! I live in a really small apartment with a balcony (which is where I do all my crafts) so I keep it inside the cooler that doubles as my crafting table.


*Photo Notes* 

  1. This is how they looked after drying overnight, and I quite liked them…
  2. Now seal it with one more coat of ModPodge! …if you like them as they are at this point (rather than fiddling around with the ribbon and bows) you can call it a day and they will look the same as the top left photo. Very cute, and much easier to be honest.
  3. OR to get the ribbon+bow look, let the top “sealer” coat of ModPodge dry for about an hour (I was impatient and only waited a half hour and it was fine.) Then put another coat of  podge on there (again, same width as your ribbon) and wrap the ribbon around the top. The candles I used had a lip which made it easy to get it nicely lined up.
  4. On Candle No1 to compensate for the lip (which had been making the ribbon not stick evenly) I angled it down slightly where the ends connect, just to make sure the rest of it would lie flat.  (Start on the side opposite the ends, and smooth outwards using both hands and meeting back where they join.)
  5. On Candle No2 I tried something else; I took a piece of ribbon, twisted it, and wrapped it around the middle of the top ribbon- where the lip of the candle was. Then I superglued the ends together and down onto the underlying ribbon. (I think hot glue would have worked much better but I don’t have a hot glue gun- sadly! )
  6. I made a bow and super-glued that over-top of the joining twisted ribbons.
  7. Candle No1, Candle No2 – Not quite dry yet, you can see the modpodge is still white, it will go clear!


  1. Fold left side of ribbon down and diagonally across.
  2. fold the right side overtop, then loop under and up through the hole
  3. Pull tight!
  4. Using the BOTTOM ribbon, make a loop and pinch it tight at the bottom with your left hand.
  5. with your right hand (still pinching with the left) take the top piece and wrap counter clockwise around the loop you’re holding
  6. then poke it though the knot you’ve been pinching with your left hand..
  7. ..and pull tight (carefully!, you dont want it to fall out..)
  8. “fluff” up the ribbon to make your bow nice and round. To finish the ends burn with a lighter.


Honeydew&Melon Candle ( $2.99)(BEFORE)Folk Art Metallic paint in Blue Topaz (2 for $5)
-Mod Podge- Gloss Finish-lace ribbon, white ribbon ( 1 roll each)

-paint brush, scissors, lighter, fork


Hopefully they can be re-used for holding tealights after they have burned all the way down!! We’ll have to wait and see once my mom uses them!

Any questions? Leave a comment and I’ll try to find some sage words of wisdom for you!