Healthy Avocado Pesto Pasta

I honestly LIVE off of this recipie.. it is my very favorite way to eat AVOCADOS – CREAMY GREENY PASTA SAUCE!

Switch out your regular pasta for a whole grain version, I use a frying pan to quickly cook a small portion with less water. I like to save any extra paste I have left over to use on wraps, sandwiches or as a dip! Avocado fills you up and gives you energy to last all day!

Avocado pesto pasta

add pepper or for an extra kick top with CHILI FLAKES

Whole Grain Pasta15 Health Benefits of Avocado

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zucchini pizza bites

If you or anyone you know has a garden its quite likely that you are about to have more zucchini than you know what to do with!

Its  not  a  big  favourite  for  most  but  this  easy  recipe  makes  it  palatable  for  even  the  most  picky  eaters  by  turning  icky  zucchini  into  yummy (and cute!)  mini  pizzas!  Make this  easy,  gluten-free  and  low-cal  option  for  a  BBQ  or  dinner  with  the  family  and  watch  it  disappear  right  before  your  eyes.

To make it super easy use a pre-cooked roast chicken (available at most grocery chains) and sandwich ham. Slice your ingredients first and then fry the zucchini and add toppings quickly. Use low-cal cheese if you want, although I am part Danish and we are all about the whole dairy fats so I used Mozzarella and Havarti.. mmm, cheese. Salsa makes a great and super easy pizza sauce. Over cooked zucchini is awful, and will get soggy, so keep a close eye. Total cook and prep time is under 15 minutes.