bare feet and wind blown billabong blush maxi dress billabong cotton maxi dress boho chic stylecotton maxi dress for suummerboho style details feather hair tie, leather tie belt high low maxi dressknuckle rings and a leather belt lace dress lace trim maxi dresshippy girl (2)perfect summer dress light pink maxi dress maxi dress and headbandmaxi dressshort girls can wear maxi dresses

dress BILLABONG    accessories LeCHATEAU


If you haven’t already noticed, I’m kinda a hippy deep down inside,  I almost named my blog “hippy at heart” but I didn’t really think it reflected my personal style very well, since I don’t usually dress very boho-chic!   Simply because living in Calgary, most of the time the temperatures do not allow it,  however, in mid-summer (and for the Stampede!) this maxi dress is perfect to throw on with oversize sunnies and bed-head banded down with a leather & feather hair tie.   I am so happy to be staying on a farm this summer, back to my country girl roots with big skies and bare feet- to go out in the city I added gold sandals but for a more Stampede look just add cowboy boots!

I have to confess myself exceptionally thrilled with this purchase for a number of reasons. First, I’ve never had a maxi dress before (not because I’m too short, in fact, a maxi will visually elongate a short frame so petite girls just go get one hemmed if they’re all too long!) but because I never found “the one” sure, there were a few flames in dressing rooms:  I nearly bought a leopard print one (shocking that I resisted leopard, I know) but the price tag compared to the quality was not enough to justify it.  For a nice maxi, avoid polyester.. it doesn’t breathe well, and it doesn’t last long.  This 100% cotton Billabong dress is perfect, especially for summer because the cotton is light and breathable.     The main reason this dress came home with me, no questions asked, is because it cost me $19.99!

Yeah.  You can’t say no to that kind of deal. I’ve actually been absolutely loving all of the Billabong and Roxy dresses lately, its been hard to resist taking them all home,  super cute and super affordable, be sure to check them out! This dress also checked off a few of my other favourite things and appealed to my girly side.

This blush tone is my favourite shade of pink, I love how it looks on tan skin with dark hair, I added a belt at the to break up the monochrome a little and define the waist.  It has a very subtle high-lo hem, with tiers of crochet and soft ruffles, the skirt moves so nicely and totally reminds me of an old country girl skirt.  Whenever I dress for Stampede I always have”cowboys and indians” in the back of my mind and tend to dress more towards the native side with simple jewelry, feather accessories, and leather ties.  I figure most people going have the cowboy side covered and largely ignore the Native American part of the history. (Not entirely, check out the parade, exhibition halls and grandstand show!)

If you are in Calgary and want to shop away from the craziness of the Stampede and downtown core,  check out West Hills shopping center in the SW.  The Signal Hill Winners gets the best product in Calgary (seriously) so you can find lots of great brands and really great pieces for way less than retail.   Surrounding are outlets for many other stores including Guess, Danier Leather, Ardene, La Senza, Le Chateau, West 49 and Shoe Company. For a full list of stores click here and here.  I got my dress at Winners, but the West 49 Outlet also carries Billabong and other great brands and its all clearance!  Its good to do a little outlet shopping after the crazy high-prices in the Stampede grounds!

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casual camoflage

camo print leggings and an oversized henley

A little bit inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, but more because it finally started to feel like spring is in the air! I paired two of the greatest prints and  the biggest trends coming up for spring -floral and camouflage.camo leggings and floral bralet, billabong henley, le chateau owl necklace, leather cuff and lace vest, aldo rings and bangles Lately I’ve been embracing my inner hippie with a feather earring worn in the my conch.  I cannot wait to have the long hippie hair to go with it! Over-sized sunglasses, an adorable little owl pendant, and a knock-off Hermes studded cuff, all available at le chateau. The rest of the accessories (other than the vintage wooden bangle) “love” thumb ring, open head-to-head skull ring, and gold studded stretch bangle are all available at aldo.

conch wooden feather earring, love ring, and hermes leather cuffI love camo print, mostly because I’m a big green fan, but it also just gives that casual cool touch to an outfit. I had a dope pair of camo shorts that I donated a little while back just because I had them for so long.. then naturally, camo starts appearing everywhere! I have been searching for the perfect fitting pair of camo skinny jeans that don’t break the bank. I fell in love with this current elliott pair, but not the $198 price tag.  So the search for the perfect camo pant continues, meanwhile I couldn’t resist these $7 leggings from Sirens to embrace the trend a little without busting the college student budget!casual camoflageFloral, an annual spring trend, has been my BFF forever- I’m a girly girl at heart when it comes to clothes! The bustier is also from Sirens, retailing at a whopping $12 – it adds just a touch of print and the tiny floral print is unobtrusive enough to mix with the bold camo print.head to toe details - floral bralet and camo leggings by sirens, rings by aldo, jewelery and vest by le chateau, henly by billabongOn top I wore this Billabong Henley  its one of my favourite shirts because its honestly as comfortable as pajamas and its such a pretty, subtle shade of green. I bought it in extra-large so that I could get away with wearing it with leggings. I love buying over-sized tops, although I have to admit, I toe the line a bit when it comes to the leggings-are-not-pants rule. To add some shape to the over-sized top, and visually elongate the look, I layered a black cotton and lace vest from le chateau over top. That baby cost me a total of $5 so I keep it even though I only wear it once in a blue moon.

lace trim vest, black leather ankle boots

The ankle boots are from le chateau as well, old season.  The day after I took these my roomie brought home the most beautiful over the knee boots that would have been perfect! Thankfully we have the same sized feet so I promise you’ll be seeing them soon!Sunglasses and feather earring by le chateau

when mixing prints remember the   MAJOR/minor  mix rule

A major print – something that can be seen at a distance, pairs best with a minor print- something that is only noticeably printed when viewed close up.

which SPRING TRENDS are you most excited to try?

let me know in the comments , and be sure to leave  a link to your blog as well, I love discovering new blogs to follow!

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The Basics Every Woman Needs

The Basics Every Woman Needs

As much fun as experimenting with all the latest trends is, these are the pieces every woman needs in her closet.

Invest in these 5 Basics:

5. red pumps

4. white blouse

3. mid-sized leather bag

2. dark wash boot-cut jeans

1. tailored black blazer

Pair these together for a fool proof outfit that looks right every time. When you’re shopping for these must-have’s take your time, try on lots, and don’t buy until you find find truly great pieces.


Remember these tips while you shop:

#5 – Red Leather Pumps

Look for genuine leather shoes (they’ll last so much longer) with a heel height you find manageable. I personally feel that slipping on red heels makes me feel instantly sexier, try it yourself! How do you know its leather? Look for the label, usually on the bottom or inside. It will show one of the following symbols for UPPER, LINER, SOLE.

#4 – White Poplin Blouse

When shopping for a blouse fit and material is essential. Look for something luxe like silk, besides being soft and durable its a natural fabric that has thermostatic properties, meaning it will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Its hypoallergenic and highly absorbent, meaning you’ll be comfortable. Make sure the blouse fits your shoulders (test this by raising your arms, if it pinches, its too tight) and doesn’t pull across the chest.  Busty girls, buy some double-sided tape, this way if your buttons gape open a bit you can stick some in there to keep it closed. Avoid Polyester at all costs, where-ever possible I like to choose natural fabrics. All clothing should have a label inside listing the material, country of origin and care instructions. Always check this label before you buy. Keep in mind many things may read “Dry Clean Only” but often you can get away with washing them in cold on the delicate cycle and hanging them to dry. When in doubt, Google!

#3 Mid-Sized Bag

Here is where you can have the most freedom, find a bag that suits your style. Again, genuine leather is your friend (unless you’re a vegan!) because it will last so much longer. Inspect the bag for quality; are the seams sewn straight, is there glue visible, paint that could flake off? Interesting detailing like quilting, studs, chains, will give your bag personality. Choose a neutral color (black, grey, brown or beige) and this will be wearable forever.  However you don’t want to play it safe buy a color you LOVE (I seem to always be buying teal) a punchy bag can add color and personality to an otherwise demure look. Find something that’s big enough to be practical, but small enough to take out. (About the size of a brick.)

#2 Dark Bootcut Denim

Jean shopping can be an absolute nightmare, no one knows your body better than you so dress for your shape. It might be a pain but everyone needs a great pair of boot-cut jeans so invest the time to go try on a large selection. Buy these a bit long and pair them with heels to make your legs look miles long. Look for jeans with a bit of stretch (check the care label for spandex) in a dark wash, and remember that fit in the waist is much more important than length. The hem should hit just at the top of your foot when you’re wearing heels.  Paying to get your jeans hemmed will make a huge difference- keeping you looking tailored and presentable- too long or too short and you’ll look ridiculous. More great tips here.

#1 Black Blazer

The black blazer is the single most important piece you can shop for. It adds instant polish to any outfit and will never go out of style. A single breasted, single button style looks good on EVERYONE. If you are very busty try a style with a waterfall front and no buttons. Make sure it fits in the shoulders and doesn’t pull across the back or at the buttons. Test the mobility you have in your arms; if you couldn’t drive while wearing it then keep looking. 3/4 length sleeves are flattering and functional. Don’t be hesitant to pay more for quality materials, like wool, and dry clean your blazers to keep the shape.

Always remember to buy for the fit you are and not for the size you want to fit. When you’re shopping don’t become depressed about having to go up a size- no one knows what the size label says but everyone can see if you’ve smushed yourself into something too small. Different stores vary so much in their (vanity) sizing that its unlikely you’ll ever be able to say with certainty what size you wear. Still hung up on that ‘medium’ label when you’re sure you should be ‘small’ ? Just cut it out! Literally (and figuratively, you’re beautiful as you are) take scissors and get rid of it. I have clothes from sizes XXS-XXL in my closet, but I’ve  cut out almost all the tags (mostly because they’re itchy) but also because my body image isn’t defined by the size label!

-xo, a