instaUPDATE – real life & Rosebud

back to reality and back in the office – miles of files, this is my lifestyle..

… and back home to my own bed, finally after so many weeks away!

this city, this city is haunted.. by ghosts from broken homes – alexisonfire boiled frogs lyrics

city and color “two coins” lyrics

don’t let anyone dull your sparkle – click image for the full post if you missed it!

pre-shower post-midnight selfie’s.. its how I roll #socool

these are a few of my favourite things; band tees, full skirts, converse, sunnies and the sound of music ūüôā

36 crazy fists concert tee, monikee skirt (DK) CO-LAB cross body bag

out for lunch with the boss – found out I get to go on the company trip to Spain in November!!

brunch at The Ladybug and Cafe with my BFF & breakfast guru. She always shows me the best places!

waiting for my nails to dry with tea and snuggles in my favourite hoodie.

these two girls have my heart – misty & lina lookin all majestic like on the hillside.

now y’all know where I got my style, daddy rockin’ the fringe, the original hipster circa 1990

we planted trees for father’s day in my grandpa’s park. i come from a family of tree huggers – click photo for my mom’s blog

thinking over the weekend of another man I learned a lot from – missing this little pony, my BFF’s noble steed

This week was one of coming down. ¬†Coming down and landing back in reality (how unpleasant). ¬† Down from the cloud 9 of a European vacation – relaxing by the beach and stuffing my face with delicious Danish cuisine. while visiting family and shopping. ¬†It was an amazing experience. ¬†I really feel like the Europeans just have their ducks in a row when it comes to social programs and food… OMG the food you guys, go to Europe and just eat!!! ¬†They believe in quality not quantity, that’s why they are famous for being slim and Americans are famous for being fat. I ate so many delicious things there! ¬†Eat like a European – that’s my motto. ¬†Mostly for one reason: seriously do you understand how much better their desserts and chocolates are?? I mean for reals.

¬†While we were in Denmark my grandfather took me to his childhood home and showed me oak trees he planted as a boy. ¬†They tower up now, it was so beautiful to see how much they had grown – he told me there were three times more trees in Denmark now than there were when he left. ¬†This fathers day we had an amazing family brunch with my dad ¬†(the handsome fellow pictured above sporting the fringe jacket) and with his father who is basically a second father to me. (We call him Farfar, Danish for father’s father.) ¬†He has been working on the land all his life, he was our farm every day of my life, and the changes over the years are unbelievable. ¬†Looking at old photos of our farm, seeing him standing at 89 years old in his childhood home with the trees he planted towering over him- I’ve had a lot of time lately to think about how grateful I am for my family and how simple acts of ordinary people are what make all the difference in the world.

I think the history my family has given me such a strong sense of who I am and what I want. ¬†When I spend time on the farm with my family, with my horses, with the animals and the trees and the wind in my hair; I feel free, I feel happy. ¬†When I look around and see well sites dotting up like pockmarks on the once perfect prairie I am afraid; afraid of what is yet to come and that our collective greed will destroy all the earth has to give. ¬†I apologize for being a bit behind schedule with my posts here, but sometimes I have to focus on the country-smile side of myself, you can find me in the meantime helping my somewhat technologically challenged mother with her blog. Click HERE¬†or,¬†add your voice to the conversation on ALBERTA VOICES. ¬†I urge any Canadian citizens, or any concerned individual from any corner of the world to educate yourselves on the dangers of Hydraulic Fracturing . ¬†We all talk about the weather every day, make jokes about how mundane our lives are. ¬†Well, the weather lately has been so weird… its almost like there is some sort of global climate change happening. Perhaps from the massive amounts of fuel we have burned in the last 100 years? ¬†Perhaps we need to pause more often, leave the concrete jungles where everyone is perfect and we never speak to strangers and go back to country roots, where we aren’t afraid to get dirty, do hard work, create a home and a FUTURE. ¬†In the “now” generation we have very much lost sight of the “and then”. ¬†We are failing to plan for ¬†future, which is looking pretty bleak if we, collectively as humans, don’t turn things around a bit. ¬†Stat. ¬†The latest assault on the Rosebud River valley that I grew up in is some rich person’s idea of fun ¬†“a European style country club with luxury condo’s and a paved race track” smack dab in the middle of ¬†Absolutely No Where, Alberta. Also known as the the most damn important place in the world to me because I happened to be born in the center of it. ¬†Read the Calgary Herald article HERE.

The most unforgivable lie we humans tell ourselves is that we, alone, will make no difference.

Alone, we can make all the difference in the world. ¬†A single act can be everything to someone.¬†¬†¬†It takes ONE person with passion, one catalyst for change to happen. ¬†¬†Why are so many afraid to use their voice?¬†¬†Afraid to be passionately involved in their convictions for fear of offending someone, somewhere. ¬†As Eleanor Roosevelt put it – “Do what you know in your heart to be right, for you’ll be criticized for it anyways.” ¬† Its why things like the Steubenville Rape make me so sick to the core – because if ONE person at that party had pro-actively intervened, had stepped in and said, ” THIS IS WRONG AND YOU NEED TO STOP BECAUSE I WILL MAKE YOU STOP.” ¬†If just one person had had the courage to use that inner voice that must have been screaming at them, then that girl’s life could have been so different. ¬†And those “poor boys” would never have had their “bright futures ruined” by this “misunderstanding” had someone acted (perhaps by knocking some sense into them).¬†I’m so tired of victim blaming.¬†¬†In other words, EVERYONE WINS WHEN SOMEONE ACTS FOR WHAT IS RIGHT. ¬†Do we see where I am going with this? ¬†You have a voice, use it for the truth, use it to ask critical questions, use it to stand up for what you know in your heart to be right. ¬†Do not be silent. ¬†Do not sell yourself short to think you make no difference, the only difference is between the choices you make every single day.

” there will come a time when you must choose between what is right and what is easy “


It will not be easy, but it is our generation that must be the change.  I like to complain that I am back to reality because in some ways, I am terrified of the reality we live in.  Other days I think to myself, how lucky am I to have a steady job to complain about coming back to? Then I remember that luck had nothing to do with it, I worked my ass off to get it.  I am ecstatic to go to Amsterdam and then Barcelona in November, to see Europe again and have to come crashing back to reality in Calgary.  You make your own luck, you get what you give.  You plant a seed and one day it will grow into a forest but first you have to get your hands dirty and dig a hole for it, cover it in water and hope it grows to something beautiful.   Find your passion and let it grow.  Thanks for reading! xo, aiyana

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sugar skulls

IMG_5226IMG_5199 IMG_5228IMG_5141IMG_5227

converse shoes  ||  le chateau denim shorts & cardigan  ||  skull tank via winners 

This sugar skull tank is an essential for summer, I love the bright kaleidoscope colors and the printed skulls.  I got it at Winners, which is one of my favorite stores ever, I always find so many great things there and they are always priced reasonably.  For me part of the fun of shopping is the thrill of the hunt, at Winners you have to go prepared to sift through the racks but you can always be sure to find something you just NEED to have! These are a few more shots from my time in Denmark, I loved visiting all our family because they all had such beautiful yards for me to explore.  When travelling I pack my favourite basics and live in them; denim shorts, converse low riders a cool tank and my absolute favourite cardigan ever make this outfit basically, perfect!

xo, aiyanajane

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World Oceans Day


IMG_5675swimsuit by victoria’s secret

Some more photos from Denmark, which I am already missing terribly. ¬†Did you know today is world ocean day? Click THIS LINK for more information. ¬†I have always loved the ocean, despite growing up in a sea of wheat fields in the middle of the Alberta prairie. ¬†I cannot wait to move and someday live by the sea.. maybe its because I’m a Cancer, maybe its because I’m a swimmer, maybe its just because the oceans are the most beautiful and amazing force on this planet. ¬†There is just absolutely nothing that compares – we actually know less about the bottom of the sea than we do about space. ¬†I recommend everyone watches BBC’s Blue Planet, there is so much amazing footage on there, its absolutely spectacular. ¬†I seriously love the BBC.

 xo, aiyanajane

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Mrs. Green


converse super low rider sneakers  || blouse by le chateau s13 ||  faux-leather shorts by topshop

Lately I am having a real moment with monochrome, particularly in shades of blue and green like I mentioned HERE. I didn’t even think about it when I threw this together, I wasn’t planning on blogging it, I was just going for a walk in the forest and listening to The Hurry and The Harm¬†for the first time. ¬†Then I realized I was listening to Dallas Green, wearing all green and walking though the greenest forest I’ve ever seen and figured it had to be documented… PLUS it was World Environment Day-go green!!! ¬†Though the title suggests otherwise, I actually have no desire to marry Dallas (in fact it was more to brag about my love for clue and the fact that once I beat it on the first guess!) but I do love his music beyond all words. ¬†I’ve listened to the album 4 times since I got it yesterday.. like I said here when I love something, I REALLY LOVE IT. (Like, obsessively!)

Its the same thing with my converse, which I just noticed have holes worn though the soles from my abuse.. and these mint pleather shorts, which I have been wearing constantly (literally) since we arrived here in Denmark. (My grandmother thinks they’re awesome, she compliments me every day..) I would have packed more shorts and fewer pairs of pants had I known how beautiful the weather would be, but I wasn’t sure how much rain would be falling since last time I visited it was very damp. The three pairs I brought with me are on constant rotation.. vacation style is always simple because how much can you fit into one suitcase, really? ¬†I’m going shopping today (our last day here) and its going to be tight tetris-ing all my stuff back into the suitcase to go home! I’m really going to miss it here, but don’t worry.. I have literally a thousand photos to look back on! I’ll share some more soon.

xo, aiyanajane

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laser cut florals

balance beam cute romper geometric ruffle blouse and laser cut shorts kick  up your heels laser cut silk shorts long hair, dont care stop and smell the flowers sunshine in the garden the sun lives up there walk on the wild side zipper ruffle detailplatform leather pumps by Le Chateau  ||  sunnies by Ardene ||  h.i.p. shorts via Winners ||  top via R.A. Clothing   

Wanna know a not-so-secret-secret? ¬†High waist anything is my jam – but especially shorts! ¬†These ones are the best ones ever because they are a soft silk and have the cutest laser cut floral detail on the bottom. ¬†Laser-cutting is one of my favourite spring trends, on these shorts it looks kind of like lace and kind of like a scalloped hem, and that’s kind of perfect. ¬†I am such a girly-girl at heart, give me ruffles and florals and silk and high heels and I will be happy as a clam. A little bit of edgy detail (like the zipper back of this blouse) add’s just enough sass to an otherwise sweet outfit. ¬†I love how when paired together the shorts with this breezy graphic blouse looks like a romper! ¬†(Another summer trend I love.) I bought this top ages ago and just noticed today it’s getting rather worn out.. Its from one of my favourite local boutiques back in Calgary, click the link above or stop by if you are shopping on 17th! They always have amazing selection (and great designer denim) and the staff are super sweet. ¬†I’ll be heading back there when I return to #yyc to see if I can find another equally awesome top.¬†

Speaking of perfect things that I love, summer here in Denmark is spectacularly beautiful, mostly because there are flowers and trees absolutely everywhere you turn! ¬†I must stop blogging (I’m such night owl) and get my beauty sleep for another full day tomorrow! ¬†

xo, aiyanajane

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instaUPDATE – Denmark

just putting the “class” into the business class lounge after a few too many at the graduation

I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know if I’ll be back again.

Amsterdam security was impressed by my fancy new passport, I was impressed by my leg room.

made it safe and sound, picking up our rental car (unfortunately, not that awesome van)

my grandparents were scared to let me drive at first but now I’m the chauffeur – no more car selfie’s!

after being up for the last 24 + hours.. finally got a shower and some sun, trying to kick the jetlag.

we live on front porches and swing life away… we get by just fine here… [rise against – swing life away]

the best part about Denmark is that there are flowers everywhere you look!

if perfection exists, its found in these moments with sun on your skin and grass under foot.

the cutest little snail, and would you believe #nofilter but the sunlight through the leaves

people watching and window shopping in Vejle

I rolled my ankle running through these woods.. too distracted by all the pretty.

I’m a tree-hugger and proud of it! If only everyone was, imagine what a beautiful world we might live in.

natural beauty every where I look – wove a daisy onto brass branch ring

loving this shade of pink and how light my hair is getting in the sun

finally reunited with my soul sister after five years and so many miles.

no matter how chilly, I’ve never been on to stay on the beach. not when the ocean calls.

everybody loves chuck taylor… everyone else keeps theirs cleaner. I’ve worn a hole in the sole of mine..

At my cousin’s housewarming party, getting Danish drunk off the beer of kings – Tuborg.

…and then we followed it up with bottle service at the club… as always in my trusty drinking shoes.

toes in the sand, chucks in my hand.. okay, this is paradise, for real.

I could stay like this forever, on the edge of eternity.

souvenirs from the sea

I’m never happier than when I’m in the water.. ¬†¬†

Denmark is such an amazing country… I am actually plotting how to stay forever. ¬†Everything is green and covered in flowers right now, the Danish summer is SO beautiful. ¬†I have been visiting endless relatives, each one more determined to stuff me with deliciousness than the last. ¬†Last time we were in Denmark it was all we could talk about when we got home, how many delicious things there were to eat, and its not much different this time around! ¬†Seriously it will be a miracle if I don’t gain 20lbs.¬†¬†I’ve spent the last few days with Andrea, who’s grandfather is my grandmothers brother. ¬†I just call her my soul sister cause its got a better ring to it, and because I so often wish for a sister, I feel like she’s the closest thing I have… even though she’s normally so far away. ¬†Its really special to be able to spend time with her again, of everyone in my family she’s the one who reminds me the most of myself. Follow her blog if you aren’t already, she’s way more disciplined than I am and has lots of great fashion, fitness and food tips every day! ¬† We have a few more days left here, although today we leave the coast and my heart breaks a little – we are staying in the most beautiful house. ¬†I have a zillion photo’s that aren’t from instagram, I’ll put those up in a little while, but for now I’m just soaking it all in!

xo, aiyanajane

animal instincts

lean back

head to toe look by le chateau

snakeskin leggings and ankle strap pumps

You all know by now how much I love animal print, I pretty much wear it the first chance I get… that said I was jumping for joy over this entire outfit! ¬†First up, the tee- I mean seriously how dope is this tiger graphic? ¬† I’m loving the face, rather than just the print, it reminds me of the Givinchy dog tee. ¬†Patent snakeskin leggings and platform pumps give it some extra kick – ¬†I was a little hesitant to pair the snakeskin shoes and leggings together, but I just loved it too much to resist. ¬†I wore this for a debauchery-filled girls night out on 17th avenue, an over-size envelope clutch and simple silver accessories finish this edgy look. ¬† The panther bangle is a treasure brought back from punta cana, it broke when I got home (he swore it was real silver!) but fortunately for me, I have the worlds best grandfather, and he fixed it for me.

We are still having a lovely time together in Denmark. ¬†Today, after 5 years since last seeing her, I am finally reunited with the beautiful¬†Andrea! ¬†We went for a walk along the beach tonight and talked as though no time has passed at all – ¬†I wish we could see each other more often, but I love that we can keep up with each other through blogging! ¬†Being here reminds me again and again how important family is, and how lucky I am to have such an amazing family around me. ¬†Last night at dinner my great-uncle sang a tribute to his lost wife (my grandfather’s sister) and to the family he married into. ¬†It moved me to tears as I felt so grateful to know that I am surrounded by the kind of love that spans generations. ¬†That is what family is meant to be, and that is what we are.

xo, aiyanajane

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Europe >>>>> Canada

danish style

DK style

leather jacket, sandals, blouse by LeCHATEAU  || printed leggings THRIFTED  || bag by CO-LAB

Simple look today for shopping in Vejle Рprinted leggings, a tunic and sandals. Stole these sunnies from little bro, and he already called me out on it!    This is my absolute favourite leather jacket, another super good deal from my time working in le shithole. Shop similar here and here.

travel the world


¬†The best part about traveling is seeing how different everything is from home. Well… best and worst, because though I live in Calgary, I spare the place little affection, and am planning on leaving at the earliest possible juncture. ¬†Being in Europe with my grandparents, who immigrated here shortly after they were married, really makes me question their decision making skills. ¬†Possibly because Calgary is one of the ugliest cities with its disgusting¬†urban sprawl of suburban cookie-cutter homes and at the center of it, the oil giants monolithic structures¬†looming over the “landmark” Calgary tower. ¬†The biggest one of all (boasting to be the largest Canadian structure West of Toronto) The Bow, is home of Encana Corp and perfectly representative of every single thing in Calgary that I absolutely LOATHE- particularly the company that resides within. If it crumbled to the ground I would do a happy-dance on the ruin, no word of a lie. Compared to home everything in Denmark just seems infinitely more charming, with their cobblestone streets, beautiful boutiques and stunning architecture. (Oh, and no well-sites dotting every inch of the countryside… sorry guys, but I just read the latest from Harper on the Keystone Pipeline and have been extremely¬†angry ever since… OH, AND… just after typing that, I read confirmation that his election was rigged. ¬†I hate you Harper, I hate you Canadian Politics!) Okay, back to the point..¬†

¬† ¬†I find it funny – whenever I go anywhere, or tell anyone where I am from – the comment I ALWAYS get is¬†“you don’t look like your from here” (even when I’m walking around Calgary!)¬†interestingly enough people often guess Toronto, so apparently I look like I’m from Toronto …which I am not.


Visiting Toronto in 2010 with my Mom – we were there for the film fest, ¬†presenting the CBC documentary, Burning Water, ¬†if you would like to understand source of my political rage please check out the link at the top of the page for more info, or go to ¬†Rosebud’s Burning Water.

My home is actually a little farm, but I don’t look very farm-girly either. ¬†I sometimes think that maybe I don’t look like I’m from “here” (where ever that may be) because I don’t feel like I’m from “here”. ¬†My grandparents are Danish and¬† my mother emigrated from Scotland, so I was raised by Europeans living in Canada. ¬†If the above rant didn’t tip you off, I have approximately zero pride in being Canadian… it’s not that I hate our country, in fact I love the land more than anything. ¬†I hate what we are doing to our land in the name of energy progress, what we have done and continue to do to the natives of this land, our justification of our actions, our cultural apathy, our government, and our winters. ¬†Being proud of your nationality is like being proud of your race or skin color – ¬†I didn’t choose to be born here, I have done nothing to contribute to Canada, and thus, feel no nationalistic feelings of pride. ¬†When I look at the people who do represent Canada, like Harper, or Redford, or the many examples of ignorant racists among my acquaintances¬†I feel less than hopeful. ¬†At my brothers graduation I laughed a little to myself at the very few people who joined in mumbling the words to the national anthem, while mentally comparing it to the Americans belting out the Star Spangled Banner with such vigor. ¬†It seemed to me that I am not the only one with so little pride in our home and native land. (More like our home and stolen-from-the-natives-but-we-don’t-like-admitting-it land.)

North Americans often express the sentiment that Europeans “think they’re better than everyone” sorry to break it to you, but that’s because they probably are. ¬†See in Europe, they’ve kinda run out of space, they’ve been around a little longer, and they understand what it means to have to actually PLAN for future generations. ¬†Canada (and America) were taken way back in the day by the Europeans who wanted MORE.. and thus the foundation of our nations is the desire for MORE than is rightfully ours. Greed can easily go un-checked when you have the one of the largest, most¬†sparsely¬†populated countries in the world combined with massive energy source deposits of oil and natural gas, right next door to the biggest military power in the world.

The moral of this story is I have been reading the news (which never works out well for me) and I may not ever be coming home.  

xo, aiyanajane

Things in my life are currently going swimmingly

Admittedly, the photo is not current. We were filling up the pool and too impatient to wait.   I was really excited to have these sunglasses, I miss them.

Admittedly, the photo is not current. We were filling up the pool and too impatient to wait. I was really excited to have these sunglasses, I miss them.

I like to use that phrase because I really like swimming¬†cause its super good for you, and my exercise/therapy of choice. (I credit it with healing my pelvis post-haste!) When I say something is going “swimmingly” ¬†most people give me a rather dry look. ¬†Whatever, some people find no amusement in such things as silly expressions, enjoy your boring lives.

Today, I am proud, and excited to say I am officially done college! You are looking at a real life Legal Administrative Assistant. ¬†I didn’t really seek out the typical college experience, I took a quick course and I loved it. ¬†I got an early practicum back in January, and since finishing it, have been working (like, for money)¬†in a law firm. So far, so good. ¬†One thing about blogging that actually surprised me is how many of my¬†favorite¬†bloggers are also lawyers. ¬†I think because of the commitment a blog takes (used to those long hours) and the need for a creative outlet after so much… law. ¬† How amazing would it be to work for Jenny, or a lawyer to be like Courtney? Everyone says I should go to law school, but the time.. and the loans.. THE COST! ¬†Too much for me, so I’m a lawyers go-to-girl instead. ¬†I had a job 5 months after starting my course, rather than after years of school and tons debt. ¬†I like to live vicariously though them, I dream of running off to LA or NYC all the time. ¬†Usually LA wins the mental battle royale because they don’t have snow there… its snowing in Alberta today. ¬†Thankfully for me, I only have one more day in this ¬†godforsaken province and then off to Denmark with my grandparents to visit our family, I’m especially excited to be reunited with the beautiful Andrea!¬†¬†Currently last minute packing and procrastinating as always. ¬†I will try to post a little while away, but it is a vacation!

Before I get to jet set away tomorrow my youngest brother graduates from high school. ¬†I would not say I am looking forward to enduring the long ceremony, but we’re pretty proud, so I’ll make an appearance I guess. ¬†I mean really, if he had failed, we would all have pretended not to be related to him, cause it is just high school, but still.. it’s a¬†momentous occasion, especially since he’s the youngest. I’ll share some photos after – homeboy is reppin’ the kilt and I cannot wait to see it.¬† If only I could stop over to see my family in Scotland while across the pond. ¬†Can’t have it all I suppose!

xo, aiyanajane

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summer & life begins over


denim, linen blazer, and heels by le chateau  ||  blouse by smart set ||  sunnies by rayban

Happy Friday everyone!! What are your weekend plans? ¬†I’m hoping to spend lots of time outside and go see The Great Gatsby this weekend, but first I wanted to reread the book. ¬†I can’t wait to see this movie, Carey Mulligan has been my girl crush for ages and I cannot wait to just drool over all the costumes and glitz and glamour. ¬†It’s gonna be gorgeous, darling. ¬†Have you seen it yet, what did you think??

I’ve taken to dressing up my basics lately – a blazer and dark denim are such a simple go-to for me, wearing an all too familiar color scheme by now in shades of blue and grey. ¬†A pretty detail I can never resist is rosettes, they just add such femininity to any outfit, this top has been a long time favourite of mine. ¬†A linen blazer over the light tank keeps it cool enough for the warm weather, but professional enough for the office. ¬†I get away with wearing denim nearly every day to work – a dark wash pair can be so¬†versatile, especially when paired with heels. ¬†I actually loathe most dress pants (ill-fitting and uncomfortable things that they are) and would much rather wear jeans and a blazer than dress pants and a blouse. For those of you who only get to wear denim on Casual Friday, I feel for you, truly.

I’ve been so busy finishing up school, working, and helping out my family, May is just flying by! Only 3 days of classes left, and 9 days until I leave for Denmark, I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! ¬†Honestly this quote is just exactly how life feels right now- suddenly Calgary is green, there are flowers (like, outside!), people are happy again. ¬†Its beautiful, and its all rushing by so quickly! ¬†I snapped a few shots for you, and now time to sit back and enjoy what summer is meant for- reading books in the grass under the trees. ¬†What does summer mean to you, any favourite summer reads?

xo, aiyanajane

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spring on the prairie



As much as I love the city, the country is where my heart is… it’s home. ¬†Alberta is a harsh place, but every spring the land is carpeted in crocus flowers and for a week or two, and the hillside is tinted lavender. ¬†Crocus represent everything the prairie means to me- they are a perfect juxtaposition of soft beauty and hard reality. ¬†They push through the dead grass and bloom in tufts of lilac, short stems covered in a fine fuzz to ward off the spring snows. They are the first brief sign of life after an exhausting winter. ¬†Its May and we’ve had nearly 7 months of snow and cold, so the sight of purple flowers and blue skies is so welcome. ¬†Most importantly, the crocus remind me of my grandmother, who embodies so many of the same characteristics- soft and strong, beautiful and¬†resilient¬† I took these photo’s for her, she wanted to share the subtle beauty of the prairie with our family in Denmark.

Yesterday I talked about how I believe that something good will always come around to make up for the bad. ¬†Sometimes it might take a while, but the key is to keep pushing and hold fast to the belief that hard times will lead to greater rewards. ¬†Like the crocus, you must push through last years waste and grow strong and beautiful. ¬†We like to fool ourselves into believing that life get’s easier, but the reality is life is a constant challenge. ¬†If we could just accept that life will always require hard work, we might be much happier and achieve much more.

There is a quote by Scottish writer Ian Maclaren ¬†“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” ¬†Our lives and struggles, of course, are relative- but no matter what is going on in your life – how lucky or blessed you may be otherwise, when we fall on hard times it feels as though our whole world is coming down around us. ¬†What you must remember is the one thing we can be certain of – life goes on and the world is not quite so fragile as to fall apart on the whims of our emotions. Work hard, keep pushing, and keep moving forward – life doesn’t allow you to go back.

My grandparents, as I have mentioned before, are two of the most important people in my life, and its because they’ve taught me so much over the years. My grandfather, more than anyone I know, is the living embodiment of finding the joy in hard work. ¬†I feel sad when people are hesitant to spend time with their grandparents, or with seniors. ¬†Youth so often makes us impatient, we don’t want to wait for them to remember the point of their story when we have our iPhone’s in hand to entertain us with instant-updates from the latest celebrity scandal, but their generation grew up during a time when technological distractions weren’t available, and so instead they had to look at the real world, as a result, they kinda know a lot about it. ¬†My grandmother loves the crocus for what they represent, that life will carry on being beautiful, even in the harshest conditions and if only for a brief moment in time. ¬†We can learn so much if we only take the time.

Shortly after I took these, my grandmother called me with the greatest news ever. ¬†Her and my grandfather are feeling well enough to travel, and are planning to visit their family in Denmark… and they’ve asked me to come along. ¬†COULD I BE ANY MORE EXCITED?! ¬†I visited DK once before in 2008 after graduating high school, this time we leave right after I graduate from college! I finish classes at the end of May, then we watch my youngest brother graduate high school and are on the next flight out- ¬†May is going to be so exciting! ¬†I can’t wait to spend a week relaxing and eating all the delicious European food! Mostly I am excited to see my beautiful cousin Andrea, who normally I just stalk on her blog.

Spring on the prairie is all about new life and new beginnings. ¬†We have lots of cute little calves running around, including the Highland cows in the photos above – bringing a little bit of my Scottish side to Alberta.¬†(Mom’s Scottish, Dad’s Danish).¬†Its so nice to finally see LIFE again on the prairie after a long frozen winter, ¬†I am getting so excited for summer! ¬†One more month of the tough life – work and school, then I graduate (and little bro!) and fly to Europe. ¬†By the time I return it will be June and full blown summer here in Calgary, with Stampede just around the corner. ¬†I can’t wait for more summer style posts- my favourite bloggers are all from LA where its an eternal summer.. I’ve mentioned before how different my style would be if I wasn’t hindered half the year by cold temperatures! Back to style posts tomorrow, today I just wanted to share the other half of my life! Thanks for reading babes!

xo, aiyanajane

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