Maybe it’s just me, but every summer I seem to be exceptionally hard on shoes.   Trekking over all sorts of terrain, from Stampede, to hiking, to shopping, to the farm, I am always in need of a versatile pair of flats… and I can never resist stopping at Ardene’s for the 2 for $15 deal.  Sure, they are poor quality, but I’ve observed over the years that the lifetime of my shoes doesn’t much depend on their price point, I’m just really hard on them.  Some call me the “Destroyer of Soles!”  (Although they might have meant “souls” & this is how I choose to interpret it!)

STUDDED MOCCASINSmulticolored sneakers

red sneakersSIMPLE SLIP-ON

studded loafers


I’ve been living in these shoes this summer.  Don’t get me wrong, heels are my first and true love, but a good pair of walking shoes is absolutely crucial.  To make them even more comfortable switch out the  inner-sole for a padded insert, like these gel insoles.  A pair of shoes that you can easily slip on and run around all day in are essential for work when all you want to do is go outside and play!  With the rainy weather we’ve had here in Calgary lately these have been even more crucial than usual, as I forgo flip-flops for a little more foot protection.

I’m not kidding when I say I’m often just running around in a giant rush.. so shoelaces? Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!  Literally every single pair of shoes I own that is supposed to be laced and tied, I have knotted, cut and turned into slip-on’s.  I highly recommend it, it’s simple and saves precious seconds better used for sleeping than shoe-lace-tying!  How-To is below!
no more shoelaces

  1. Lace your shoes to fit comfortably, then double knot each lace as close to the eyelet as possible.
  2. Pull the string tight and carefully use a lighter to burn off the excess shoe-lace.
  3. Use a popsicle stick (or your finger if you like to live dangerously like I do) to tap the melted lace down on the knot to seal it!

Viola!  Now slip into your newly simplified shoes and hit the ground running!

Which pair is your favourite?  I lean towards the black studded ones (shocking).

xo, aiyanajanee

Casual Friday

IMG_3722 IMG_3712


denim – american eagle  ||  blazer + beanie + pashmina – le chateau  || shoes + sunnies – ardenes  || cross body bag – colab  || striped sweater – quicksilver  || belt – michael kors 

Thank God its Friday!  What have you girls got planned for the weekend?  I’ve said it before, I live in this kind of business-casual uniform: skinnies, sunnies, blazer, beanie and a blouse.. it’s pretty fool proof!  In Calgary knowing how to layer is crucial, cold mornings, hot afternoons. I’m carrying every Canadian’s pre-work staple- the Extra Large Timmy-Ho’s.  Something most people don’t believe about me is that I hate coffee, in all its forms- if it’s coffee flavoured I do not want it in or around my mouth.  I take after my lovely mum, Earl Grey tea for me please!

This blazer is possibly my favourite ever- I posted The Basic’s Every Woman Needs and at the top of the list is a black blazer.  This one has all the things I look for- amazing seaming and tailoring, a single button, three-quarter sleeves and cute polka-dot lining!   I love the subtle polka dots with this striped knit top; shades of black, white and grey are perfect for foolproof print-mixing.   For work I lose the beanie and the aviators (and the scarf, its usually hot in the office) but these are all staple accessories for me to throw on every day! I usually like to wear flats on Friday to work, that way I can switch my shoes to dress up the look and last all night long in heels!

To dress up denim for work, every woman needs a good leather belt.  Truthfully, there are a great deal of hideous and impractical belts lurking on ladies sale racks- that’s why I head to the men’s department whenever I want a great basic leather belt- this one is from one of my favorite designer’s- Michael Kors.  Speaking of which, have you seen this Watch Hunger Stop campaign? 1 watch = 100 meals  and I really, really want the gold and turquoise watch.  A watch is another crucial investment piece for a woman, so why not be reminded that your watch helped someone? And that its pretty. So very pretty.

Speaking of pretty, Happy Friday to you! Have a fabulous weekend!

xo, aiyanajane