vine, anyone?

do you vine, anyone?  I just got this app and I can already tell, I’m obsessed.. you might say it’s “de vine”.

Puns aside, come find me @aiyanajane and be sure to comment below with your user name if you already have an account!  If you don’t, you should download it.  Vine is basically if youtube was mixed with twitter and instagram.  It creates 6 second clips by shooting short segments and looping them together.  Kinda like a GIF.  Perfect for Outfit of the Day posts and cute animals!  (Of course, I’m on board, its all my favourite things packaged to fit my short attention span!) Its pretty cool, at least I think so.. and you can link to (or login with) your twitter or facebook account which makes it super easy.  While I have you here, follow me on twitter, instagram and like my Facebook page. Darlings, please, stroke my social media ego and make me like it.  😉

Seriously what did people do to kill time while avoiding work (or human interaction) before social media became a thing?  Kisses, and have good work week my lovelies!

xo, aiyanajane

Tribal Print & Coral

city tribal style - printed leggings, wedge sandals, peach blouse and aviators

seeing double - aviators and coral
|| leggings via TRENDS  || S13 coral blouse, S13 braided leather belt, S12 wedges, F12 cashmere cardigan by Le Chateau  ||  aviators by ardenes  || cross-body bag by co-lab  ||

The other day one of my favourite bloggers, the gorgeous Signeroo, posted about how a stranger had commented on her dress as looking like “safari wear” – this is not a bad thing!  If you check out her post you can see what I mean – she looks lovely in a safari inspired dress, just her blog click link!

Can I just say that I am having a total moment with coral?  It looks so nice on tan skin, I feel so summery in this color! It also looks AMAZING on fair skinned girls, if my roomie wasn’t so shy I’d prove it – we have the same blouse.  Apparently it was featured on city line, which I didn’t know until I looked it up to link for you girls! Here I wear a size medium because I love a truly oversized blouse. Never be afraid to try the next size up when it comes to tops! This one is a great buy! Tribal and safari style are one of the biggest (and most beautiful) influences for summer.  Printed leggings were big on my must-have list for winter, and this gorgeous coral blouse transitions them perfectly for spring/summer!

I cinched the waist (to give the oversize blouse some shape) with a multi-colored braided belt and paired it with bold wedge sandals (check the outlets for them!), a neutral cross-body and coral (like, real coral) earrings a friend brought back from Mexico for me.  I have mentioned before how I love to have jewelry with a bit of a story behind it!

Sometimes I would never consider pairing certain colors together until I find an item with both in it – like coral and purple. Still, I am majorly in love with these leggings, I was a bit nervous about wearing them to work. ( I mean, tribal leggings to a law firm? Y/N?)  Turns out, my worries were totally unfounded, cause my boss and co-workers all loved the tights and the shoes! Yay.  Can I tell you guys a bit of a secret? I always wanted to work somewhere where you could dress nicely.. I mean, saving people is good and all, but scrubs? Yuck.  (Just kidding nurses, ilu!  … not dentists though, we’re still friends off.) Thanks for reading! everyone 🙂

xo, aiyanajanee

casual camoflage

camo print leggings and an oversized henley

A little bit inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, but more because it finally started to feel like spring is in the air! I paired two of the greatest prints and  the biggest trends coming up for spring -floral and camouflage.camo leggings and floral bralet, billabong henley, le chateau owl necklace, leather cuff and lace vest, aldo rings and bangles Lately I’ve been embracing my inner hippie with a feather earring worn in the my conch.  I cannot wait to have the long hippie hair to go with it! Over-sized sunglasses, an adorable little owl pendant, and a knock-off Hermes studded cuff, all available at le chateau. The rest of the accessories (other than the vintage wooden bangle) “love” thumb ring, open head-to-head skull ring, and gold studded stretch bangle are all available at aldo.

conch wooden feather earring, love ring, and hermes leather cuffI love camo print, mostly because I’m a big green fan, but it also just gives that casual cool touch to an outfit. I had a dope pair of camo shorts that I donated a little while back just because I had them for so long.. then naturally, camo starts appearing everywhere! I have been searching for the perfect fitting pair of camo skinny jeans that don’t break the bank. I fell in love with this current elliott pair, but not the $198 price tag.  So the search for the perfect camo pant continues, meanwhile I couldn’t resist these $7 leggings from Sirens to embrace the trend a little without busting the college student budget!casual camoflageFloral, an annual spring trend, has been my BFF forever- I’m a girly girl at heart when it comes to clothes! The bustier is also from Sirens, retailing at a whopping $12 – it adds just a touch of print and the tiny floral print is unobtrusive enough to mix with the bold camo print.head to toe details - floral bralet and camo leggings by sirens, rings by aldo, jewelery and vest by le chateau, henly by billabongOn top I wore this Billabong Henley  its one of my favourite shirts because its honestly as comfortable as pajamas and its such a pretty, subtle shade of green. I bought it in extra-large so that I could get away with wearing it with leggings. I love buying over-sized tops, although I have to admit, I toe the line a bit when it comes to the leggings-are-not-pants rule. To add some shape to the over-sized top, and visually elongate the look, I layered a black cotton and lace vest from le chateau over top. That baby cost me a total of $5 so I keep it even though I only wear it once in a blue moon.

lace trim vest, black leather ankle boots

The ankle boots are from le chateau as well, old season.  The day after I took these my roomie brought home the most beautiful over the knee boots that would have been perfect! Thankfully we have the same sized feet so I promise you’ll be seeing them soon!Sunglasses and feather earring by le chateau

when mixing prints remember the   MAJOR/minor  mix rule

A major print – something that can be seen at a distance, pairs best with a minor print- something that is only noticeably printed when viewed close up.

which SPRING TRENDS are you most excited to try?

let me know in the comments , and be sure to leave  a link to your blog as well, I love discovering new blogs to follow!

XO aiyanajane



Which is great news for me because I love wearing jewel tones, particularly Emerald! (Fun Fact: its also my mom’s birthstone) Would you believe that I found this beautiful Steve Madden cape at Winners (around this time last year) on sale for only $24.99!? Obviously that was not a deal to be passed up!!!

I was so excited that I immediately texted my girlfriends that I had bought the most beautiful cape, their response was significantly less enthusiastic than I expected. Clearly they didn’t get it, I mean the color, the tailoring, the price – it was perfect! Truly, they thought I meant something a little more batman-esque. A cape is one of the absolute cutest ways (or most badass, in Batman’s case) to keep warm. Just keep the rest of the outfit simple to let it stand out. Thankfully, my hair is finally getting long enough to make a nice bun! I love being able to put it up in a sock bun in just minutes and look perfectly pulled together!


Oatmeal Infinity Scarf by Purr, Patent leather accessories Le Chateau

Steve Madden cape, Purr Infinity scarf, liquid leather leggings


Check out these other amazing capes by a few of my favourite designers:

Victoria’s Secret || Betsey Johnson || Jessica Simpson

I really like that the VS one has a hood, like little red riding hood! Which is your favourite? Oh, and did anyone see Oz, the Great and Powerful? What did you think?!

xo always, aiyana

pink, plaid and puffy

I have had the worst cold all week long, and as a result my appearance has suffered.. rather than try to do my hair or makeup sometimes I would rather just throw on a blonde wig and sunnies… just to find out if blonde’s really do have more fun. One thing is for sure, it makes me wanna be blonde for reals!

To keep warm in the cold bundle up in lots of layers; a tanktop, a cardigan, a flannel shirt, a puffer vest, leggings and a beanie all working together to keep you warm! To define your waist and add a twist to the outfit, try a stretchy belt at the natural waist for emphasis!

what i wore || LULULEMON puffer vest || WINNERS textured leggings || ZARA tanktop + cashmere cardigan || THRIFTED hot pink flannel || ARDENES faux-raybans  || LE CHATEAU stillettos + beanie + bag

mayan calendar silver turtles and hearts arm candy

silver arm candy all the way from mexico, thanks grandma ❤

What do you guys think, should I go blonde?

Let me know in the comments, to all my beautiful readers I hope you had a lovely weekend and that your Monday goes by smoothly! Keep smiling!


xo, aiyanajane

the perfect beanie

Living in Calgary means I spend 85% of my year in temperatures I consider to be too cold… this is unfortunate. Another thing about me- I hate doing my hair, I’m lazy, especially in the grow out phase.. In light of those two things, half the time I throw on a toque and forget about it. Sadly they aren’t “office appropriate”… also unfortunate. Fortunately, the rest of the time, toques exist!

My favourite hat to wear right now is the slouchy toque.. beanie..cap.. hat.. whatever you want to call it- the point is its that perfect cozy knit, with just the right amount of detail and slouch. This style can go horribly awry, or maybe I’m just overly picky, however it takes me months to find the perfect topper sometimes. Just the right color, texture, fabric, price.. etc etc etc.

I had one that I absolutely LOVED. It was reversible.. I lost it shortly after this post– before the first snow even fell 😦

horseshoe canyon view - girl in perfect slouchy hat

you are missed lovely toque.. I hope you warm a hobo’s head somewhere…

Suffice to say, I was pretty choked when I lost it… I mean I lost it back in the beginning of October and I STILL won’t shut up about it. But it was just perfect you know!? Well now I can look back on it and fondly remember its glory, because I found a new perfect slouchy hat! I’m totally obsessed with it!! Right now is the BEST time to shop winter accessories, all the stores have their fall/winter on mega clearance. Late February (not boxing day) is the best time to shop fall/winter clothing sales. I got this toque from le chateau for $9.99!

the perfect slouchy hat

no hair do, no makeup, just toque-y goodness.. gotta love that! xo, aiyanajane

grey matter

city chic in SHADES OF GREY this winter

bag – MICHAEL KORS || necklace – Forever 21||  chiffon blouse, tank, infinity scarf, sunnies, leggings and studded boots – LE CHATEAU ||

also which way do you spell grey… gray??

i’m questioning everything right now!

xo, a

Happy New Year

I ended 2012 on a high note, & started 2013 in style rocking these HOT PINK SHORTS!

city style high waist pink shorts black lace and tights

top, tights, boots – le chateau  * shorts – finders keepers

Something about a new years outfit is always extra special, and I was SO excited to finally wear these shorts. I found them online browsing sometime in the beginning of 2012, and immediately added them to my wishlist. I often online shop if I cant afford to shop for real by wishlisting every lust worthy item I find and then slowly narrowing them out until I decide to order. The second I saw them, I NEEDED THEM, they had everything I wanted in a pair of shorts, everything. But they were listed at something ridiculous like $130.. no thank you. Fast forward a few months and I revisited my favourite online shopping site (the ladies version of karmaloop) and lo and behold, the shorts popped up again, only this time, they were on sale! I ordered without another moments hesitation and threw in a pair of converse that were on for half off just to make shipping worth my while… it seems a waste to only ship ONE thing, right? Including shipping, the shorts and the sneakers my total bill was ~$70. Not bad considering regular price converse are $65 just can’t say no to savings like that, especially since you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your couch to get it! At least I certainly can’t.

converse low tops blue super low riders baby weiner dog puppy chewing sneakers

Online shopping is always a bit of a roll of the dice, and high waist shorts can be difficult to fit at the best of times.. but sometimes you get lucky, my goodies arrived (shipping was quite quick, less than a week!) and they fit perfectly. I love karmaloop, if you’ve never shopped with them, try it out. Every time I’ve ordered shipping has been fast – less than 2 weeks for regular post (and often free with special discount codes), I like ordering online as well because its SO easy to save money by shopping clearance sections and looking for extra discount codes. They sell many quality brands for WAY less than retail price, the first thing I ordered was a matt + nat bag that was 75% off!!

Last night was an amazing night for me, not just because I had amazing shorts, and not because of any particular excitement over the venue, but because I spent it with a boy who is stealing my heart.

I said before, 2012 was the most challenging year of my life but I go forward to 2013 with hope. The lesson that kept coming up last year, the solution to all of my problems, was to follow my heart and face adversity with love, rather than anger. When I was laid off it was the push I needed to actually go back to school and find a “career”, it also got me blogging, which got me writing regularly- my true passion. When I broke my pelvis it brought me closer to my family, needing them for everything after being self reliant for the past 4 years. When my ex cheated on me it gave me reason to leave without ever having to question my decision- I clung to our relationship for a long time, how to let go of that first love? They say love is blind and its truly the only explanation for me overlooking all his shortcomings- I loved him, and I hoped through our entire relationship that one day he might grow up and learn respect, but in truth though I was blinded by the flash of first love, tethered by past history and didn’t realize until after we broke up how incredible manipulative and truly thoughtless he really was.

It is one thing to say face adversity with love over anger, but quiet another to be able to do so.

I have never been one to let go of anger, I struggle every day trying to quiet the rage inside of me. Its not even that I am angry with individual people, more so, I am angry at humanity collectively for all of our failings. I struggle every day to let go of my anger and move forward with love. There are so many reasons in the world to be angry, but the anger that is the most crippling is the pain of betrayal at the hands of a loved one. There are a million injustices in the world but hurt caused by someone you love and trust is the kind that breeds a deep anger I still have not learned to let go of. Forgive and forget is impossible for me, there are things that happened to me years ago that I am still angry about. Some things are unforgivable, and some wrongs will never be forgotten, but what I realized in 2012 is that maybe its okay that I can’t forgive, its okay to stand up and say I DESERVED BETTER, and then walk away. Last year I walked away from my first love and a very close friend. There will always be a hole in my heart where they used to fit, but I realized with both of them that I was clinging to the relationship because of who I wished they COULD be.  I had to let go when I realized that the patterns of abuse were unchanging and that neither of them would ever treat me with the respect I deserve.

When you trust someone with your heart, you give them the most important part of you.

I was afraid to trust another man with my heart after the first so blatantly took it for granted, I tried to keep my distance and planned to stay single for quite a while, but life very rarely goes according to my plans. Despite my attempts to guard my heart, I found myself with someone who was actually willing to put in an effort, who seemed to actually care, and who was actually interested in me as a person. (Honestly I cannot stress how low the bar was set in my last relationship, that all three of those aspects were lacking..) Despite my trepidation, my hesitation and attempts to play it cool I failed in the best way possible and completely fell for him.

     quote life isnt complicated find what you love sons of anarchy gemma teller quote lovezooey dechanel quote love heart fear

In 2012 I realized I deserved love, not the shallow impression I had of it but real love, characterized by mutual respect and adoration. A midnight kiss and a few whispered words usher in new hope this new years.


I hope 2013 brings new beginnings and hope for each of you. Fill the upcoming year with love and let go of past pain. You deserve it.

love, aiyana

Blogger inspirations

The best part of blogging is finding a community full of INSPIRING and INTERESTING people!

these are a few of my favorite blogs to follow.

{photos link to outfit details}

Emma + Elise at  A BEAUTIFUL MESS

Elsie and Emma, A beautiful mess

   I love reading this blog, and it makes me SO wish I had a sister to be blogging buddies with. They both have such great, quirky style and so many interesting insights. It’s a relatable and helpful blog based on finding beauty in the every day and the imperfect. Click the photo to read about Elsie and Emma.

shea marie at PEACE LOVE SHEA

cheyenne meets chanel

Shea Marie is one of those girls that you just wish you could step into her shoes for a day. Her blog follows her transition from a small town to a big city, a willowy blonde living in Hollywood, with that California cool girl style that I absolutely covet. I’ve posted before about how different my style would be if I didn’t live in a country that shorts are only  really wearable for 3 months of the year. I love reading her blog and pretending that one day I’ll move to Hollywood and be a stylist, and a writer and go to fancy parties in leopard shorts because its warm enough to do that!

jessie kass at SEAMS FOR A DESIRE

jessie kassIf you have Pinterest, you’ve probably seen her outfits. I love this blog for inspiration, every outfit she posts is so chic and she is a master accessorizer. I’d die for a chance to raid her jewelry collection (who am I kidding, her whole closet) and I have some serious hair envy, why can’t mine be that long? She always balances textures, fits, colors and prints in her looks and comes up with something beautiful and interesting. Her latest post promised Q&A and i’m super excited for the answers to come, so I can read all about this girl I worship from afar!

taralynn mcnitt at UNDRESSED SKELETON

Taralynn’s blog is so inspirational, about healthy living, change and fitness. Click the photo for her story, its unbelievable. I love her blog for recipes she has a ton of great ideas for healthy meals that are still yummy!

wendy nguyen at WENDYS LOOKBOOK

Wendy’s style is so beautifully feminine, I love perusing her blog for polished city style. Click the photo for more outfit details- its funny that she mentions wishing for fall, as I dream of the LA weather she enjoys! We always want what we do not have. She always looks so perfectly put together, and is so driven, smart and talented. I love her view on fashion, and admire her strength. Read her story here.


andrea rungholm blonde danish gold khaki style

Andrea has always been a passionate, outgoing and energetic girl, who is wise and mature beyond her years. I must admit, this one has a little bias behind it. Andrea and I are related.. usually for simplicity’s sake I say we’re cousins but she’s actually my dad’s cousin’s daughter so I have no idea what the proper name for our somewhat distant relation is. She lives in Denmark, so we rarely see each other, but she stayed with our family and went to school here for a few months, and it was almost like having a sister. . I love her blog for fitness inspiration, and wish she didn’t live in Denmark so I could benefit from her cooking, since even when she stayed with us years ago she was already a master in the kitchen! She also always looks super chic and shops at affordable stores like Zara and H&M.

I miss her lots, I feel like she’s the sister I never had and hate being separated by an ocean! She’s very smart and I wanted to share her latest post because it’s the kind of thing that makes me think we are sister’s from different mothers! (Since I’m sure my mother would say the same as hers, and I would have the same rebuttal!)

On blogging:

” I believe that, overall, are three positions for it to have a blog. As the first, “What is the purpose and why should some bother looking images of what she has for breakfast?” The other, “Blogs are so inspiring and you get so many tips, tricks and I love reading blogs.” The third reason relates a part of those who read my blog through postings on Facebook because they know me,  “The fact that blogging is a waste of time and you do not get the right picture to the blogger”.  I think in some cases that many bloggers do those things. –  makes two breakfasts, one to the blog and you actually eat. Shows that you’ve got something sponsored whatever it is, tampons, just because you have got it for free. When you have a blog, you have 100% control over how you want to present themselves and how the blog should be. You can make up his own little world. In some cases, an blogger a very misleading picture of themselves – whether it is because you want to be someone else or you want attention, is so different. Some time ago my mother asked me: “Why do you never photos of your messy room? So it does not seem so perfect all the time and your readers might real with a little more to you? “. I could take a picture of you when my apartment fiddling very most and I could easily take a picture for you right when I’m just waking up and looks like something you’d think would never get to see normally again. I can see that it will give you a picture of that I am down to earth and I do not distort my life into something it is not, but what would the purpose just so be it? There is certainly no one wants to see pictures of an apartment cluttering and even fewer than none at all, who wants to see me tomorrow really ugly? It may be it gives a few good laughs, but it gives when absolutely no inspiration. The purpose of my blog is to give good tips, recipes and outfits that can inspire others. Not to make myself as something I’m not; without sounding too self-centered, I am happy for who I am, what I have and as I look. The bottom line is that I hope you see me as an honest blogger and I enjoy reading my blog. “

SHARE YOUR FAVORITE BLOGS IN THE COMMENTS & streamline your blog reading :

download google chrome
this fast free web browser can translate almost  anything, i love that i can read blogs from across the world, even if the translation isn’t perfectly accurate.
sign up for bloglovin
a super easy way to scroll through your favourite blogs and websites like you scroll through your facebook news feed.

xo, a