chill classics- converse & stripes

just chillin

knit top by QUICKSILVER  ||  denim by WEST 49  ||  super low rider sneakers by CONVERSE  || beanie by LeCHATEAU  || turquoise & panther bangles souvenirs from Punta Cana  || knot ring, skull ring, stud bangle by ALDO  ||  turtle knuckle ring from mañana, brass branch ring from PURR – Kensington Calgary boutiques.

More often than not, I can be found in some variation of this outfit.

I have to confess, I bought this top knowing full well it looks almost identical to a TNA one I already own.

Two differences- the TNA one, has a pocket AND this Quicksilver one is much longer- that was the real selling point.

Left - Quicksilver Right - TNA


 See I have mad love for all things striped and sweatery. Particularly in the grey/black/white family.  So obviously I couldn’t resist adding this gem to my shopping cart in order to qualify for free shipping.  I mean, its like getting the shirt for free, really. As much as I love my other one, its just too short for me to comfortably wear it with jeans, so I’m pretty happy with this one. There’s really nothing I love to wear more than a delicate knit, jeans and sneakers. Throw on a beanie, some bright sunnies and a few special accessories and you are good to go.   Also, say goodbye to my green sunnies, this post is the last you’ll see of them, I lost them over the weekend. (So tragic. This is why I buy super cheap sunnies all the time, I lose things constantly!) 

xo, aiyanajane

Cobalt Blue and Stormy Skies

Cobalt & Stormy Skies

Kimono Blazer, leather leggings and silver leopard print accessories liquid leather leggings by ARDENE  ||  blazer, top, shoes, sunnies and clutch by LeCHATEAU  || elephant ring by F21

Spring time in Calgary is a really weird season. For example, it might decide to start storming in the middle of a perfectly nice day and 2 hours later be bright and sunny again! Its super unpredictable- fortunately you can really feel the difference now that it is officially spring.  No matter how the snow tries, it can’t keep its grip and the grass is sneaking through! I cannot wait for summer and some color in the landscape again. This top I’m wearing reminds me of a snowstorm, I love the abstract print on the silky blouse. A muted silver leopard print on the shoes and matching clutch plays up the pattern even more, while still keeping the outfit neutral. Liquid leggings have been my go-to lately, these ones are getting a bit stretched out by now, but I love how the shine adds a little bit more polish to any outfit.  This shade of blue is my all time favourite color, and I love wearing it whenever I can. The open kimono blazer and the bright color are totally on trend for spring, I love how well this blazer is tailored! Kimono or water fall front blazers are great if you have a large bust, or find your waistline fluctuating because you can wear them as long as they fit in the shoulders!

xo, aiyanajane

Thrift Store Find: Tailored Blazer

navy blazer with dark denim and grey for a perfect casual friday

thrift store finds - structured navy blazer


One thing you may know about me by now is that I cannot resist a good deal- its why I love thrifting so much! My mother always said I could pick out the most expensive item in the store the moment I walk in- it’s this eye for the expensive (read: quality) that aides in my constant search for thrift store deals. This navy blazer jumped out at me immediately- the tailoring and the stitching are impeccable. I firmly believe that when you find something at a thrift store that is clearly good quality AND fits like a glove, that it’s a divine sign that you obviously NEED to buy that item. For me, $6.99 for a blazer that fit in all the right places was much too lovely of a deal to pass up!

xo, aiyanajane

grey matter

city chic in SHADES OF GREY this winter

bag – MICHAEL KORS || necklace – Forever 21||  chiffon blouse, tank, infinity scarf, sunnies, leggings and studded boots – LE CHATEAU ||

also which way do you spell grey… gray??

i’m questioning everything right now!

xo, a

Sweater Weather

SWEATER WEATHER by the neighbourhood

is the soundtrack to my life lately, I can’t stop listening to it! Check out the inspiration for this post here. Maybe because it is most certainly sweater weather here in Calgary, maybe just because its an awesome track, either way it makes me happy.

winter fashion, boots, vest, sweater dress

This sweater is one of my favourites to dress up and down, yesterday I was fancy, today I went more casual layering a green tank dress underneath (here) grey boots (here) with a leather jacket (here) and a fur trimmed vest layered over top. I bought the vest from le chateau last year when fur vests were all the rage, I like a little fur, but its a difficult trend to embrace without looking 20lbs heavier or like a gangsta rap maven, so rather than go for a fully fur vest I compromised with this cable knit vest trimmed with fur and lace, its one of my favourite layering pieces! You will be twice as warm and twice as cute with a vest over a jacket!

keep warm this weekend!

xo, aiyana