vine, anyone?

do you vine, anyone?  I just got this app and I can already tell, I’m obsessed.. you might say it’s “de vine”.

Puns aside, come find me @aiyanajane and be sure to comment below with your user name if you already have an account!  If you don’t, you should download it.  Vine is basically if youtube was mixed with twitter and instagram.  It creates 6 second clips by shooting short segments and looping them together.  Kinda like a GIF.  Perfect for Outfit of the Day posts and cute animals!  (Of course, I’m on board, its all my favourite things packaged to fit my short attention span!) Its pretty cool, at least I think so.. and you can link to (or login with) your twitter or facebook account which makes it super easy.  While I have you here, follow me on twitter, instagram and like my Facebook page. Darlings, please, stroke my social media ego and make me like it.  😉

Seriously what did people do to kill time while avoiding work (or human interaction) before social media became a thing?  Kisses, and have good work week my lovelies!

xo, aiyanajane

instaUPDATE – photoshoot edition

So even though I complained about it constantly, I never actually explained how I got sick! I was outside for quite a while on a chillier than anticipated day helping with this shoot, good thing the photos turned out so nice or I would have been even more miserable about it. Moral of the story, don’t wear low rider chucks without socks when going to the mountains in February. DERP. I blame not knowing where the location was but really its just that I hate socks  >.< 

 Last Sunday I helped out my beautiful and talented (hairstylist and makeup artist) friend Kay-lee with a “gothic teaparty” concept shoot.. Every time I chill with her the urge to dye my hair blue grows!! Anyways, even though its a bit out of touch with my usual style I had a blast styling and working with her and the team! 

pre-shoot prep spray painting props || yeah, we did it inside.. it was fumetastic

did we just become best friends!? YUP || on the way to our location

not nearly warm enough even wearing an extra over coat. ||

in between takes || get your coats girls its a bit nippley out || gothic teaparty

slightly warmer || still freezing cold || still smiling

pro shot || anthony yuen photo || calgary

cara mae || photo – anthony yuen|| makeup – kaylee pearce || 

sarah ramen || photo – anothony yuen || makeup – kaylee pearce ||

mackenzie || photo – anthony yuen || makeup – kaylee pearce || styling aiyanajane

a beautiful creative team || gothic teaparty || cara mae || sarah ramen || kaylee snow || aiyana jane || mackenzie || anthony yuen

Even though it ended in me being sick for a week and counting, I had a lovely time working with this amazing group!! For hair styling and makeup artistry be sure to check out the lovely and talented kaylee pearce on her youtube channel or her facebook page. As well, for more great photos, be sure to check out Anthony Yuen on facebook!


I’ve had a crazy week, I decided to live with my Grandparents on weekends, and  moved in with my best friend Michelle after having some issues with my previous living arrangements, so I have had no time for blogging with such a big change on such short notice, but I think this is going to be much better! In the mean time, insta-snapshots of my busy week.

new arm candy cross bracelets studs gold

new arm candy – ALDO – cross  + stud stacked braceletsdistracted driving with Cedric Diggory

Cedric Diggory loves car rides! He hopped up onto my shoulder for the long drive!drinks with my new roomie and oldest friend

Back in the city, celebrating moving in with margaritas!and of course, food

..and by stuffing our faces with appetizers from Moxies.first night in the new home, cedric is getting settled in

Cedric getting settled in for his first night in a new home, again!love text, candles, seashells, home decor

Whenever I move in somewhere, I always need to have at least one beautiful thing set up before I unpack everything else! Scented candles, seashells, diamonds and a handwritten love note help me relax. After the stress of moving I unwound before bed with some gentle yoga.mundane task selfie - getting an oil change

Bored and vain getting an oil change. Super mundane stuff.tiger high low hem t shirt

my boy got me a giftcard, and I got me this dope Tiger high-low tee

(and a few other things) from le chateau.depression quote, people are assholes

What I learned in school today.

Hope your week is starting off well, xo, a


My Christmas holidays were exactly what they should be- filled with love, family, pets, friends and food! It was a week of snuggling, reading and over-eating!

insta holidaysI hope you enjoyed your holidays xo, a



so far this DECEMBER

instaweek 8-12-12Sometimes i feel like all i do is complain about my injuries.. but i have been on a streak. these last two weeks have been no exception, now you see why there have been no outfit posts of late… black eyes are not chic.

1 –  I gave myself a black eye by trying to use a spinning chair as something to lean on.. I guess curly hair helps hide black eyes?  2 –  Cedric snuggles make me feel better.  3 – Dried flowers and feathers in the hanging planter on my deck.  4 – My roommate knit me this hat! I love it! I’m wearing more makeup than I ever do, hiding my bruises for work- remember to tip your waitress this holiday season!  5 – My kitties are bad, climbing up on the table!  6 – They are also ninjas.. I looked back and they had silently switched positions. it was wierd~  7 –  reading my horoscope while waiting in the doctors office for x-rays on my elbow (I fell down the stairs) …it seemed pretty accurate.  8 – I bought some new sunnies, as the black eye stays firmly in place all week.  9 – Bird feeders in the snowy trees, beautiful. Thank god for Chinooks, or Calgary winter would be unbearable.  10 – Redecorating; I got some new fishies, and covered my lamp with a cherry blossom pashmina.  11- More snuggles with Cedric, he is honestly the sweetest, I’m so thankful to have him.  12-  Missing my girls, won’t get to see them until Christmas. ❤

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