Chambray Shirt(Dress)

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Chambray, Sweater & Sunnies by LE CHATEAU |  Boots by Spring  | Belt & Rings via Manana Imports

Chambray has been a trend I have been hesitant to embrace for the longest time.. and I don’t even know why.  Its one of those things I love on everyone else but can never quite get to like on myself. Until now.  This blouse is a nod to the trend that is absolutely taking over, but its a bit of a cheat – the top is actually a light cotton/linen blend, not very denim-like at all.. which is probably why I ended up with it after literally years of hesitation to embrace the chambray-way. I always found it so stiff- this fabric is light and soft!  I also love the pin-tucking detailing on the bust- its classic tailoring that finishes a piece to make it very flattering; look for little tailored details like this when you shop.

At this point I’ve basically accepted that we aren’t getting a summer here in Alberta.. its been rainy and overcast and determinedly MEH.  (The amount of complaining I do about the weather here, you’d think this was a climate blog and not about style. )  Always trying to look on the bright side (but rarely succeeding)  at least August means fall fashion is in full swing.  In Canada we dress the way the rest of the world dresses for fall about 90% of the year (and the rest of the time we’re snuggled up in parkas in our igloos) so you have to be good with layers in order to live here.

One thing I always do with everything is roll up the sleeves.  Unless its the dead of winter, my sleeves are pushed up to my elbows; I rolled the sleeves up prior to putting the sweater on (that way they’re even) and then cuffed the chambray sleeve over it.  I love the multi-color stripes on this sweater, and the length is perfect for layering over this tunic so that I can wear it with tights. I don’t buy into the “leggings aren’t pants” movement…  as far as I’m concerned if you can’t see crotch, then pants are for the weak.  Our house motto is “Everyday feels like Sunday when you don’t wear pants.”  Its truly liberating, I recommend you try it.

Another layering essential? The belt; this one is hand beaded leather from Guatemala.  If you live in Calgary stop by Manana Imports in Kensington for fair trade pieces from all over the world. This leather bound sketchbook and all the rings are from Manana as well; it’s my uncle’s store and I help out from time to time but I end up just shopping!  Come visit sometime.

xo, aiyanajane

chill classics- converse & stripes

just chillin

knit top by QUICKSILVER  ||  denim by WEST 49  ||  super low rider sneakers by CONVERSE  || beanie by LeCHATEAU  || turquoise & panther bangles souvenirs from Punta Cana  || knot ring, skull ring, stud bangle by ALDO  ||  turtle knuckle ring from mañana, brass branch ring from PURR – Kensington Calgary boutiques.

More often than not, I can be found in some variation of this outfit.

I have to confess, I bought this top knowing full well it looks almost identical to a TNA one I already own.

Two differences- the TNA one, has a pocket AND this Quicksilver one is much longer- that was the real selling point.

Left - Quicksilver Right - TNA


 See I have mad love for all things striped and sweatery. Particularly in the grey/black/white family.  So obviously I couldn’t resist adding this gem to my shopping cart in order to qualify for free shipping.  I mean, its like getting the shirt for free, really. As much as I love my other one, its just too short for me to comfortably wear it with jeans, so I’m pretty happy with this one. There’s really nothing I love to wear more than a delicate knit, jeans and sneakers. Throw on a beanie, some bright sunnies and a few special accessories and you are good to go.   Also, say goodbye to my green sunnies, this post is the last you’ll see of them, I lost them over the weekend. (So tragic. This is why I buy super cheap sunnies all the time, I lose things constantly!) 

xo, aiyanajane