rainy days in yyc

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military jacket ROTHCO  ||  (mens) sweater &  liquid leggings LECHATEAU  || boots SPRING

The weather here has been ridiculous lately (haven’t you heard?)  with the storm system swirling around one minute it’s sunny and beautiful and the next it’s pouring rain.  If you stare at the clouds it’s almost dizzying how quickly they are moving around, I personally hope they are moving away but apparently we are stuck with a few more days of rain!  Rather than rain boots I paired these knee-high boots with snakeskin leather leggings and my favourite slouchy, stripy, sweater.  I love leather any time, but for rainy days it’s quite water and wind resistant, perfect for protection from the elements.  Speaking of, this utility cargo jacket is amazing, when I first got it (I ordered from Miss KL) I was a little worried because it was so big and boxy (it’s a men’s small) but after rolling up the sleeves and tightening the drawstrings at the waist I am now completely obsessed.  It’s perfect to wear over an over-sized sweater without the sleeves getting bunched-up underneath like they do in most other jackets.  My hair is pretty hopeless in the rain- a messy top knot solves that problem and the glasses solve two problems (correcting my vision, and hiding the giant bags under my eyes). This is the ultimate lazy-day comfort look for me, whenever I’m seeking out comfort I inevitably end up in menswear, I highly recommend you give it a try if you are currently a slave to a single-gender shopping experience!

 xo, aiyanajanee

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La Mer + Military


faux-leather pants XXI FOREVER  ||  leather pumps LeCHATEAU  ||  nude cross-body bag CO-LAB  ||  military jacket ROTHCO via MissKL  ||  aviators ARDENE  || sage stone wrap watch LA MER COLLECTIONS ||

Today I’m super excited to show you the two latest objects of my desire that have been delivered to my door-step! This amazing military jacket and gorgeous La Mer charm wrap watch.  I ordered this jacket from Miss KL, it being on sale was the reason I could justify buying this top to get free shipping… I wasn’t sure about it when I pulled it out of the box- its a mens jacket so its pretty huge, but a few adjustments (cuffs rolled up, waist cinched in) and I am smitten.

If this last year has taught me anything, its that something good will always come to make up for the bad, as long as you keep pushing forward.  In life there will always be the potential for failure and loss, but you will certainly go no where if you never bother to try.

I’d say given the fact I run a blog, its obvious I believe in putting yourself out there! A huge part of blogging is trolling social media and brand platforms obsessively for inspiration.  I’ve mentioned many times before how much I wanted one of these La Mer wrap watches and even went so far as to DIY my own last summer. So when I saw this Earth Day-Giveaway on instagram, of course I clicked that little like button. Imagine my surprise, and excitement when I woke up the next morning with the notification that I had won! Follow them on instagram here. Its one of those things where if you want something bad enough – some how, some way – you’ll get it eventually! I was super impressed with them. I entered on Earth Day (April 22) the next morning they had notified me I had won, I emailed and within minutes they had e-mailed me a ship confirmation, one week later (to the day) this gorgeous watch had arrived on my doorstep, with a sweet card wishing me a Happy Earth Day.  You guys might have noticed that I am a big fan of the earth, check out the latest on my surface-rights blog here.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the gorgeous watch La Mer, keep up the amazing work! Live your life inspired by adventure!

xo, aiyanajane

Borrow from the Boys

my go to outfit for city style; SKINNIES, AN OVERSIZED SWEATER & ANKLE BOOTSborrow from the boys, menswear sweater

 Almost every day in the winter I wear a variation on this look.. I live in baggy sweaters for 6 months of the year and looking in my closet its actually ridiculous how many striped sweaters I have. This one is my favourite though, its a bamboo blend XXL mens sweater from le chateau, with button closures on the shoulder. I layered it over a white silk tank top and paired it with navy skinny dress pants and open toe ankle boots. My obsession with obnoxiously bright sunglasses also continues as I rep the faux- rayban neon green wayfarers, finishing the look carrying a studded clutch and a long blingy pendant – le chateau head to toe, sunglasses from ardenes.

I love buying mens sweaters for layering, and since you don’t have to worry about buying a certain size you can find all sorts of gems in outlet stores and clearance racks. How many XXL dudes do you think would be wearing that sweater? Not a whole lot.. and that’s why it only cost me $13! I tend to lose sunglasses on a bi-weekly basis so I never buy brand name- Ardenes is my go to store for cheap and obnoxious sunglasses of all sorts!

kisses in the new year! xo, a

neon wayfarers and a slouchy beanie

menswear madness!

A menswear inspired business casual look is one of my favourite styles to wear, especially for summer because I love wearing shorts with a blazer!!

The key to getting this look right is to keep the feminine details,  and make sure your pieces FIT properly, not too tight or too loose and keep an eye on your proportions! Keep in mind its only menswear inspired, you aren’t dressing up in drag!


Here are a few of my favourite celeb menswear inspired looks:

kate mara

emma stone

ashley green

ginnifer goodwin

anne hathaway

alexa chung, goddess of the menswear look.


Tips on getting it right:

1. Stick to neutral pieces..
then add color with accessories or makeup. I love a red lip with a menswear inspired outfit.
2. Don’t over-accessorize..
carry only a small classic bag, wear stud earrings, a bold ring, cuff bangle or a watch.
3. Emphasize your waist!
with a belt (like emma),  a corset (like ashley) or high-waist bottoms (like ginnifer or alexa) 
4. Wear dark colors on the bottom..
black, navy, brown or grey will slim visually, while white widens, it also shows wrinkles more.
5. Wear heels!!
Unless you are long and lean like the lovely Alexa up there, wear a heel! Choose something that doesn’t cut off at the ankle I love a pointy toe as it elongates the leg more (Ginnifer,  ilu.. but those shoes are not right,  Kate Mara’s shoe choice is bang on)
6. Mix structure, with softness..
Alexa gets the look perfect with a great structured pair of shorts, paired with a silky light button down and a blazer that fits just right.
7. Do print properly, or not at all..
Kate’s sheer blouse and polka dot blazer add a feminine twist to the masculine trend, while Anne’s graphic tee is too casual. Had she pushed up the sleeves of her blazer and worn the shirt half-tucked she could maybe have gotten away with the casual look, but the long sleeves and the wrinkly suit are her undoing.


And my way of wearing the menswear trend:

My thought process:  The shorts are highwaisted, have pleating (to add structure and femininity) and are slimming being black. The shirt is silk, loosely draped and bright white, plus the scoop neck makes it more girly. Wearing solid black and white pieces is totally reminiscent of a tux, keep it polished by tucking in the blouse and when shopping for high-waist pieces make sure they hit on the narrowest part of your waist. Next I chose a  grey snakeskin belt to add a little polish and a little print (and it keeps the shorts sitting where they should be) without being overwhelming. Grey stilettos to elongate the legs in a neutral color to match the belt,  without being too overly matchy.  (I have shoes with the same snakeskin print too and that was a tempting choice.) I picked a  long grey cashmere sweater, because it was cold, and I wasn’t in the mood for a blazer. Then I wore very minimal accessories.. (a bangle- which broke to my great dismay and small turquoise drop earrings) and I carried my every day purse which I have been obsessed with since I got it months ago. I’m carrying it here: https://citystylecountrysmile.wordpress.com/2012/05/05/makeup-tutorial-what-i-wore-today/