Healthy French Toast

One of my favourite breakfasts is French Toast. Its warm and delicious and most importantly, extremely quick and easy to make!

I use 2 slices of Dempsters Ancient Grain’s Bread, one egg, a splash of skim milk and cinnamon to taste. Combine all ingredients in a shallow bowl and whisk together. Dip bread and fry on medium heat for ~1 minute/side. Serve hot with butter and maple syrup. To cut calories use only the egg white.  

This is a good source of protein and fiber to start your day off with energy.  I feel very Canadian in my love for Maple syrup but there is honestly no substitute for it!  Same with real butter… Becel is NOT butter. I believe in dairy not petroleum products.

This is a quick, easy and yummy way to start the day, especially in the chilly winter!! It takes only minutes to make and devour!


xo, a

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SOS- save our skin

this winter SAVE YOUR SKIN with these moisturizers!

People often comment on my complexion, here are my tips for soft, clear skin.  Remember most images are linked to content, so click them for more info!

The most important rule of great skin – hydration.

Its simple, the body is made out of about 70% water, are you getting enough? There is no substitute for water, so make sure you are drinking it often. Its widely debated how much you -should- have, though 8 glasses a day seems to be the standard recommendation. I try to drink at least 2 liters, water flushes out toxins and excess salt, and can help to reduce bloat and appetite. If you are a big pop or juice drinker, try replacing it with water and water the pounds melt off. Buy a reusable water bottle and take it everywhere with you. I have this super rad bottle by threadless+thermos that I found at Dollarama for $2!

Shower, then moisturize!

I moisturize my entire body every time I have a shower or bath. Being submerged in water breaks down the skins natural oils and sucks the moisture right out of you. Lock them back in by immediately putting on a body lotion afterwards. In the morning I like this light option from Garnier- it sinks in fast and smells fresh, great for getting ready to go! I love the mango option!!!

Invest in a great face lotion

This will vary depending on your skin type, but I personally swear by Clinique skin care products, particularly the dramatically different face lotion. Its part of a 3-step skin care program, although I skip the first two steps and go straight for the good stuff! The closest drugstore product I’ve found is Neutrogena oil-free facial moisturizer. Similar feeling and hydration, but a much more inexpensive option that I highly recommend.

Add Vitamin E to your routine

To supercharge any lotion add some vitamin E oil. I don’t like super heavy, greasy creams, rather than buy a “day” moisturizer and a heavy “night” one, I buy the two above (both nice light formulas) and add a drop of vitamin e oil before I apply them. Just squeeze a nickel sized amount of lotion onto clean palms, drop some vitamin e oil in, mix with your finger and apply. Vitamin E helps soothe rashes or sensitivity (try it post waxing!) and improves the look for wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. Apply directly to problem areas, and mix in to lotion for added moisture all over. Works great on dry hands and cuticles.

vitamin e oil

Stash bottles of lotion all around the house

My favourite ever basic body lotions are the Vaseline Total Moisture line. They are inexpensive, widely available, work really well, and come in big enough bottles to meet my lotion demand! The cocoa radiant line in particular is amazing. Cocoa and shea butters mix together to make skin super soft, smooth and glowing. Keep bottles where ever you might need them; beside the kitchen sink, in each bathroom, on your bedside table, beside the couch. Apply any time skin feels tight, starts looking dull or flaky, or feels itchy.

Save your lips with vaseline

When all else fails, add vaseline. It is so versatile (click the photo for a list of uses) and works so well. No lip chap will soothe the way vaseline does, so apply it at the first signs of dryness- before your lips start to crack. Vaseline can be applied to any problem areas and it will help restore the body’s natural moisture balance. If your lips are already cracked, try blistex to help soothe and heal.

Most importantly, remember that as with everything else, what you put in is what you get out.

 You cannot expect clear skin if you eat greasy, unhealthy food, don’t drink water, and wear lots of makeup.  Great skin starts from the inside! A diet high in healthy fats and oils (like the kinds from nuts and fish) will make skin healthier and more radiant. Avocado, salmon, eggs, spinach and broccoli are all great options- more here.

 Give your skin time to breathe,  take off makeup nightly and get yourself into a good skin care routine now.  If you wear concealer daily, consider taking some time off (days, not hours) from that heavy makeup, to let your skin breathe, moisturize it (did you know that oily skin is often producing excess oil to make up for a lack of moisture?) and use an cleanser. I personally never wear foundation, I feel like I’m suffocating under it and then I always break out after if I do wear it. 

Remember, I say it again, to drink lots of water.. add cucumber, lemon, mint, berries or whatever you fancy to make it taste better if you don’t like it plain. I like to try to stick with natural flavoring options (like fresh fruit) over processed ones (like crystal lite or vitamin water).

Hopefully you are now on your way to softer skin, I use every product on this list religiously, are there any amazing products you use that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

xo, a