reflecting grey skies

sunny skies in the distancestreet style skull scarfblack leather skinnies, studded loafersskull skarf

black and white leather black and white polished punkdouble troubletiptoe through the ghettoskulls and studsstudded loafers, leather pants

skull scarf and light cardian

 pants XXI FOREVER  || loafers, aviators ARDENE  ||  cardigan MONTEAU || pashmina Le CHATEAU

If ever standing in front of the closet in doubt, I just choose black, white and grey.  That in mind, when I found this cardigan and immediately scooped it up;  the sheer front panel and light cotton blend made it the perfect cardigan for over-cast summer days.  My love affair with leather (okay, this is faux!) continues with these studded black loafers, and skinny ankle-zip pants.   I mentioned HERE that I revert to my rocker side for comfort,  so studs, leather, aviators and a skull scarf  is a classic choice for me.

What is your go-to outfit for a comfort day?

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DIY – Studded Cardigan

This is literally the easiest DIY ever.  It took me less than ten minutes including taking photos.  When I spotted this union jack cardigan at Winners, I had to have it! It appealed to a feverish desire I had held ever since I was 6 years old and completely obsessed with the Spice Girls.  My cousins and I used to play Spice Girls all the time, and I was Ginger- she had that union jack dress, which I thought was quite possibly the coolest thing ever.  Plus my mom is from Scotland, so represent. I bought this sweater a couple sizes too big because I LOATHE when a snap or button front sweaters pull across the front.  Could any one thing be more instantly unflattering?! As a general rule, if it pulls across the stomach, don’t buy it. Just go up a size. Oversize is where its at – especially with sweaters! These days, I am all about Posh over Ginger (sorry, Geri). Victoria Beckham, when it comes to style, is pretty much my idol. She always looks so polished and put together.Union Jack Studded Sweater DIY

One thing I hate, and I know its kind of “in” is when a garment is left looking unfinished with just one single detail. For example, stitching an “X” over the snap closure. Its just like.. why?  You could have left it, or put something worth looking at on there, but just stitching an X? Meh. So I took these studs off of an old belt and covered it up- something about a union jack begs for some punk rock studs. I didn’t bother to remove the thread, I could have, but I kinda like the imperfect, unfinished look.  Feeding the studs through the snaps was super easy and they hold really well! Click through the photo gallery for how I did it! Or click HERE to see new outfit photos!


stud closure oversized cardiganpeace and long live the queen

Please excuse my hobo-chic look I legit just threw it on for a quick after photo, which my roomie so nicely took for me! I’m thinking I might add some studded epaulettes to the shoulders, just to give it that extra detail.


Leave it or stud the shoulders?

Let me know in the comments below! 

Thanks for reading girlies, peace out!

Xo, AIYANAjane