short & sweet

total look – le chateau (S11)

I don’t want to be that guy but with the recent resurgence of the short-suit a little part of me is all “pshh.. way ahead of you.”

I fell in love with this blazer right when I first started working at Le Chateau (like, a long time ago).  The problem was that the accompanying school-girl-esque skirt to match was far to hideous for anyone to wear as anything other than as part of a costume, and the ill fitted, ridiculously wide-leg pants were not exactly flattering.

So I bought the blazer, and it pairs perfectly with denim (thank you navy, the most versatile neutral since black…) but what I really wanted was a suit, a matching one… what’s a girl to do when suiting comes with a great blazer… and the worst separates ever?

The rest of the retail world agreed that those bottoms were not worth money and they went on sale super quickly. It didn’t take me long to decide that hideous-high-waist-parachute-looking-pants could be transformed relatively easily into shorts.. and by relatively, I mean extremely easily, because I just asked a fashion student friend of mine to hem them up for me (like, way up!)   Sale price + employee discount + one sewing-machine-owning friend later and TAH- DAH!   A short suit… with perfectly matching pinstripes!

Even though summer here in Calgary has been determinedly gloomy as of late, on those (rare) super hot days (when you wish the office would just close on account of good weather) its nice to slip into shorts for a simple and chic work outfit.  Happy Tuesday!

xo, aiyana jane


Black and white outfit with red heels

|| blazer, belt (similar), heels, clutch by LeCHATEAU  || leather shorts by JESSICA SIMPSON  ||

I mentioned before that I bought this blazer right before I lost a bunch of weight, then it was too big for me to wear and I was sad!  Never one to give up a great piece over something simple like size, I decided to cinch the waist in with this kimono inspired leather belt.  Okay, its actually pleather… but guess how much it cost me? 50 cents – YEAH BUDDY.

Bold stripes and shoulders on this blazer tend to make a girl look boxy, especially when wearing a couple sizes too large – an obi belt cinches the waist and breaks up the stripes, giving the illusion of a tiny midsection.  I love the natural texture of the (faux) leather paired with the bold graphic stripes – leather shorts and an over-sized patent envelope clutch play it up even more. Black and white continues to be one of my favourite trends for spring, maybe its my inner Canadian but I love punching up this trend with a pop of red – these suede platform pumps are perfect.  My little brother gave me these shades after I complained and complained about how the nose piece of my aviators gets tangled in my hair, causing some serious white girl problems. He’s the best, I always steal his sunnies and he always lets me – I’ve never worn white sunglasses before but I like these ones, maybe because the arms are black, or maybe because they were free!

I mentioned before that I love jewelry with a story- I brought this panther bangle back from Punta Cana, then it broke!  Fortunately for me I have the most amazing grandfather- the man can fix anything, and he fixed my bangle for me with a little welding or soldering or something.  Every time I look at it I think of a beautiful trip and my sweet grandfather.  My Celtic knot ring is from Scotland, the turtle ring is from my uncle’s store in Kensington, the gold branch ring is from another local boutique, Purr.  I tend to fidget, so this way each twist of my ring takes me back to a memory with my family somewhere special.  Speaking of somewhere special, I leave for Denmark in just a few days- I am so excited you guys!  So much to do in the next couple days to prepare!

xo, aiyanajane