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converse super low rider sneakers  || blouse by le chateau s13 ||  faux-leather shorts by topshop

Lately I am having a real moment with monochrome, particularly in shades of blue and green like I mentioned HERE. I didn’t even think about it when I threw this together, I wasn’t planning on blogging it, I was just going for a walk in the forest and listening to The Hurry and The Harm for the first time.  Then I realized I was listening to Dallas Green, wearing all green and walking though the greenest forest I’ve ever seen and figured it had to be documented… PLUS it was World Environment Day-go green!!!  Though the title suggests otherwise, I actually have no desire to marry Dallas (in fact it was more to brag about my love for clue and the fact that once I beat it on the first guess!) but I do love his music beyond all words.  I’ve listened to the album 4 times since I got it yesterday.. like I said here when I love something, I REALLY LOVE IT. (Like, obsessively!)

Its the same thing with my converse, which I just noticed have holes worn though the soles from my abuse.. and these mint pleather shorts, which I have been wearing constantly (literally) since we arrived here in Denmark. (My grandmother thinks they’re awesome, she compliments me every day..) I would have packed more shorts and fewer pairs of pants had I known how beautiful the weather would be, but I wasn’t sure how much rain would be falling since last time I visited it was very damp. The three pairs I brought with me are on constant rotation.. vacation style is always simple because how much can you fit into one suitcase, really?  I’m going shopping today (our last day here) and its going to be tight tetris-ing all my stuff back into the suitcase to go home! I’m really going to miss it here, but don’t worry.. I have literally a thousand photos to look back on! I’ll share some more soon.

xo, aiyanajane

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laser cut florals

balance beam cute romper geometric ruffle blouse and laser cut shorts kick  up your heels laser cut silk shorts long hair, dont care stop and smell the flowers sunshine in the garden the sun lives up there walk on the wild side zipper ruffle detailplatform leather pumps by Le Chateau  ||  sunnies by Ardene ||  h.i.p. shorts via Winners ||  top via R.A. Clothing   

Wanna know a not-so-secret-secret?  High waist anything is my jam – but especially shorts!  These ones are the best ones ever because they are a soft silk and have the cutest laser cut floral detail on the bottom.  Laser-cutting is one of my favourite spring trends, on these shorts it looks kind of like lace and kind of like a scalloped hem, and that’s kind of perfect.  I am such a girly-girl at heart, give me ruffles and florals and silk and high heels and I will be happy as a clam. A little bit of edgy detail (like the zipper back of this blouse) add’s just enough sass to an otherwise sweet outfit.  I love how when paired together the shorts with this breezy graphic blouse looks like a romper!  (Another summer trend I love.) I bought this top ages ago and just noticed today it’s getting rather worn out.. Its from one of my favourite local boutiques back in Calgary, click the link above or stop by if you are shopping on 17th! They always have amazing selection (and great designer denim) and the staff are super sweet.  I’ll be heading back there when I return to #yyc to see if I can find another equally awesome top. 

Speaking of perfect things that I love, summer here in Denmark is spectacularly beautiful, mostly because there are flowers and trees absolutely everywhere you turn!  I must stop blogging (I’m such night owl) and get my beauty sleep for another full day tomorrow!  

xo, aiyanajane

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mint condition

mint shorts, pale leopard shirtaritzia silk tee, topshop mint leather shorts aviators, beach waves, beige and mint Guess Stilettos, Topshop shorts, Aritzia blouse la mer watch, aritzia blouse, topshop shorts, guess heelsnude cross body bag, leopard blouse, metallic heels silk leopard print blouse, nude cross body bag, metallic blue heels

blouse by ARITZIA  ||  mint leather shorts by TOPSHOP  ||  heels by GUESS  || watch by LA MER  ||  bag by CO-LAB

Yes, animal print again…  if you’re over it, too bad for you- it’s my forever love!  This T. Babaton blouse is one of my all time favourites, the fabric is just so beautiful, I love the light color and the drape of the silk.  I got my love of silk from my mum (she’s such a snob about it – polyester is her nemesis) but it really is the best fabric out there,  I’ve said it before, all the best things are made by nature, not man.  Silk is the strongest natural fiber, its hypoallergenic, and it’s also breathable and temperature regulating – meaning it will keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold! In other words, its bomb-diggity and totally worth the cost, if you aren’t convinced click here.

I found these shorts on a recent excursion to my favourite consignment store, Trends,  in Kensington – it was a great day for thrifting because I found these ones and this gold sequined pair.  I absolutely love a good thrift store find, and these are no exception, combining two of my favourite things – leather and mint.  I paired them with these metallic Guess heels which I am still wearing constantly.  I’ve mentioned before that I  find Guess heels are always the most comfortable.

xo, aiyanajane

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Stars, Lace, Tribal, Polka Dot

Lately I have been craving summer like you wouldn’t believe. Probably because its nearly half way through April and I had to brush 3 inches of snow off my car this morning. This needs to stop… I am dreaming of shorts… In the mean time a few styles I am eager to re-create. Since I have been focusing on a healthier lifestyle I have several pairs of jeans just begging to be refashioned into shorts. Maybe its just me but I loathe shorts that are too tight, I often will buy up a size just because of that, so too-big skinny jeans shall be chopped and re-modeled. SOON. Unfortunately my supplies are else where but I am going to rectify that situation promptly.

Which style are you most interested to see a DIY for!? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

XO, aiyanajane


My Christmas holidays were exactly what they should be- filled with love, family, pets, friends and food! It was a week of snuggling, reading and over-eating!

insta holidaysI hope you enjoyed your holidays xo, a


obsessed: GOLD RUSH


ellie saab sequin blazerGOLD SEQUINS & STUDS


sequin blazer leather shortswhite blouse gold brocade shorts

gold sequin tank leopard pumps skinny jeansgold studded mini skirt

gold shorts drapy blouse

gold sequin tank, skinny denim, leather jacket

which look is your favourite?

I can’t possibly choose! I love anything that glitters, but I am lusting for a sequin blazer… like the to die for ELIE SAAB posted above.

xo, a

shorts + tights = lovee

layering made easy! shorts + tights

first step. Invest in some good nylons.. for spring and summer I like more sheer ones, even though I hate those a*holes le chateaus tights are super awesome. “40 deniers” are the best ones for sheer tights that don’t  rip. I hate it when tights rip!  I think american apparel has good tights too, both are a little pricey but its better than constantly replacing cheap pairs.. and yes, they are nylons, not leggings.

Having the foot covered makes your legs look super long, especially if you wear black or dark heels, for the same reason that wearing nude heels and bare legs makes you look taller; visually one straight color line is slimming and elongating.. two things I think most people want for their legs!  If its chilly out, and you want to wear leggings, that’s okay as well, just wear boots so that you don’t see bare feet. Wearing shorts with tights has already broken your leg into 2 “color blocks” so be matchy-matchy with the shoes to avoid a 3rd block.. that’s when you start looking stumpy!

step two. make sure you have a pair of shorts that fit well! When looking for high-waist or mid-rise shorts I buy them looser (usually a size up from my usual size) because I have a big booty and a small waist sizing up helps to avoid pulling. Then however, the waistband often gaps quite a bit if I don’t belt it..  fortunately, I am obsessed with belts.  I have found that almost everything is a bit loose in the waist when I shop to fit the rest of my body (aka the butt), – fit issues are so often fixed with a well placed belt! 

With low-rise to medium-rise shorts, I usually layer a tank underneath a loose-fitting top , the tank helps smooth any lines that the tights might be making around your waist, you could also use a body slimmer. I favor wearing  loose, often asymmetrical tops over low-rise shorts.

On left: mid-rise Jessica Simpson faux-leather shorts from Winners- for a fall look. Lots of layers to keep warm, without adding bulk. You can still wear a belt with shorts when the top isn’t baggy just wear it on the smallest part of your natural waist, not in the belt loops! I’m wearing a tank underneath- tucked into the shorts, over the tights (wearing 2 pairs, black underneath, grey knit over top) and then the button up with an open cardigan over top. TIP: When wearing something that adds bulk to the chest, its good to define the waist with a belt so that the detailing doesn’t overwhelm your figure.

On right: low rise sequin shorts from F21- for a spring look.  It was super hot out, so I am wearing a bandeau underneath, and very sheer tights, and the top is somewhat sheer as well. TIP: when you are leaving your top un-tucked, especially if it is baggy, do NOT wear a belt on the shorts, it will just add extra bulk! & when wearing sheer pieces, keep it monochromatic and neutral to avoid looking trashy.

High waist:

Pulling off high-waisted shorts is tricky, and its almost entirely in the fit of the shorts. When I shop for them, I always go bigger rather than smaller, because with the high waist, comes dangerous camel toe territory and you need all the extra material you can get! Like I said, fit issues are so often fixed by belt, try for a pair with loops, or else make sure they fit well. (Not everyone has an awkward body to dress like mine, and obviously you know your own fit issues better than anyone else would so keep any hard to fit issues in mind and try to work around them.) When wearing anything high-waisted (shorts or skirts) you want  it to sit at the smallest part of your natural waist this creates an hourglass figure, belting the waist will help to emphasize it even more.

When I wear high waisted shorts, I often choose tops with embellishments at the bust-line, or pair with blazers with prominent shoulders, in order to balance my bottom half. The key to pulling them off is balance, so be honest about your shape and dress accordingly. I’m right on the border between hourglass and pear, what are you??

(I know I’m not wearing tights – I’m in the process of moving and didn’t want to dig them out- so use your imagination!)

If you aren’t sure of your body type, measure yourself! Its an easy way to get a quick snapshot of your body shape.