mint condition

mint shorts, pale leopard shirtaritzia silk tee, topshop mint leather shorts aviators, beach waves, beige and mint Guess Stilettos, Topshop shorts, Aritzia blouse la mer watch, aritzia blouse, topshop shorts, guess heelsnude cross body bag, leopard blouse, metallic heels silk leopard print blouse, nude cross body bag, metallic blue heels

blouse by ARITZIA  ||  mint leather shorts by TOPSHOP  ||  heels by GUESS  || watch by LA MER  ||  bag by CO-LAB

Yes, animal print again…  if you’re over it, too bad for you- it’s my forever love!  This T. Babaton blouse is one of my all time favourites, the fabric is just so beautiful, I love the light color and the drape of the silk.  I got my love of silk from my mum (she’s such a snob about it – polyester is her nemesis) but it really is the best fabric out there,  I’ve said it before, all the best things are made by nature, not man.  Silk is the strongest natural fiber, its hypoallergenic, and it’s also breathable and temperature regulating – meaning it will keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold! In other words, its bomb-diggity and totally worth the cost, if you aren’t convinced click here.

I found these shorts on a recent excursion to my favourite consignment store, Trends,  in Kensington – it was a great day for thrifting because I found these ones and this gold sequined pair.  I absolutely love a good thrift store find, and these are no exception, combining two of my favourite things – leather and mint.  I paired them with these metallic Guess heels which I am still wearing constantly.  I’ve mentioned before that I  find Guess heels are always the most comfortable.

xo, aiyanajane

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Brand Love – Victoria’s Secret

The other day I was in Victoria’s Secret because ever since I lost weight, I also dropped a bra size.  This is perfectly acceptable because then I am totally justified in going to Victoria’s Secret, otherwise known as the place where dreams are made.. Maybe it was the pink lighting or the double push-up bra I had just tried on, or the fact that I had just bought these skinny cargos for $20- but I was feelin’ good.  Since the demise of my camera outfit photos have been harder to take on the regular, so excuse the mirror selfies, but I figured it was better than nothing!

Also, pretty sure VS is practically a mandatory shop for any newly single gal.  Nothing to perk up your spirits quite like perking up your tits with a ridiculous amount of padding, amirite?  I never can actually bring myself to buy the double push up bra.. for one its just… not comfortable.. like where does the boob even go with all that padding in there???  Plus its false advertising and I’m okay with my chest size anyways. But its fun to try on and be like, oh, so that’s how the supermodels look so good.

I also just like to stop by VS on the regular to try on some styles so I know how they fit, then I order online- by shopping the clearance section of their website you can filter by size and save so much money! Shipping is a bit expensive (at least to Canada anyways, I assume in the States it’s marvelous to take advantage of their free shipping deals all the time!) but you can make up the price by shopping specials.  The website also just has so much more selection than stores (again, Canada) so its great so find out how styles fit in store, then you can pick whatever color you like online!  I have a bit of a bathing suit addiction (I justify it with a bit of a swimming addiction) so I have ordered from them many times and never been disappointed.  The one time anything went wrong was totally not their fault, a bottom came in a package marked as a top. I called them up and the replacement was here before I had even mailed back my extra bottoms.  Moral of the story is I am a big fan of the brand.

VS recently bought out the La Senza, which used to be the primary lingerie retailer in Canada, and even though they are now a sub-company or whatever the technical term is, their bra’s are still totally sub-par. I converted a couple of my friends to VS and they won’t go back.  There is a ton of debate in the lady community about bra sizing- obviously some people won’t be able to shop stores carrying a standard size range, I recommend everyone get professionally fitted.  That said, I am average sized in every way including boob size so I don’t have to drop mega-bucks on specialty bras, so I love Victoria’s Secret.  I noticed an immediate difference trying on a VS bra versus a La Senza one, even in the same cup size. The materials and quality are just so much better.   If I haven’t convinced you, just click here to browse through their new swim collection, and try to resist.

Fabulous- Victoria's Secret selfie's gold feather necklace, skinny cargos, white silk blouselove layers - skinny cargos, leather jacket

chiffon blouse, beanie, heels, fur trim vest by le chateau  || vegan-leather jacket by Suzy Shier  || skinny cargo pants – thrifted  || gold feather necklace Silla Designs  || co-lab bag || (ironically, not wearing a VS bra hehe)

Nothing is Impossible - Audrey Hepburn, stillettosand look what I found, shopping can be so inspiring!~

xo, aiyanajane

Sheer Brilliance- neon, chiffon & boyfriend jeans

Take a simple black blouse and boyfriend jeans to the next level by adding bright coral accessories


I have to admit, I am a matchy-matchy person by heart. The whole effortlessly-thrown-together-without-a-care look, I can’t quite do it, something always matches.  I mostly do this with my accessories, I love adding color to a look with punchy shoes or a great bag.  I bought these two pieces right around the same time. First I got the bag, then I found these beautiful Guess heels and I obviously HAD to have those too, after all, they matched.

Patent accessories are a nod to the neon trend dominating the runways for spring, pair with the menswear inspired pant and a chiffon blouse for balance. My roommate gave me these jeans because they didn’t fit her, lucky me! I love the relaxed fit of this Mavi boyfriend denim. I’m thinking of DIY destroying them a bit, perhaps when they get a bit more worn out, for now I have been enjoying the great wash and quality of the denim. When cuffing jeans roll up the hem in even sections (about an inch) to the slimmest part above your ankle, then scrunch the hems to make them look imperfect, but not unbalanced.

Since I’m already making style confessions here’s another- if I find an item that works really well for me, I often buy it in multiples. For example, I have this blouse in 4 colors… its a go-to for me because I love the fit and the drape. It looks  either casual or professional, depending on how you style it.  A bright bra underneath the sheer chiffon makes this look a bit edgy without being over the top. (I swear, it is actually quite subtle, even though in the one photo the flash illuminates the bra like a neon sign!) Choose a full coverage bra and a loose fitting sheer top to try this trend, and when in doubt, wear the same color or all black! If it’s not immediately obvious to you, the bra-baring trend is not an office appropriate look, leave this for Friday night! 

enjoy your weekend girlies,


layering ideas COBALT & COGNAC


winter layers, leather, fur and knits

Winter in Calgary means lots and lots and LOTS of layers, but you don`t have to look like a bag lady!  My current favourite layering piece is the knit vest trimmed with faux-fur and lace.. it hits the fur trend without being over the top and adds much needed warmth on a chilly day. Layer a vest over a leather jacket to stay warm, or over a cardigan when the sun decides to make an appearance. To make a layered look successful emphasize the natural waist, mix colors, textures and prints but keep a tonal color scheme in mind. I chose my outfit around 2 key pieces, the cobalt blouse and the leather braided belt, sticking with shades of brown and blue (much like the Alberta landscape) for a perfectly put together look. To add to the slightly boho feel I wore a single feather earring instead of my usual conch jewelry, and a vintage wooden bangle, along with the on-trend studded leather cuff.

WHAT I WORE || chiffon top – H&M  || leather jacket, fur trim vest, cardigan, pants, belt, studded leather cuff, feather earring, sunnies- LE CHATEAU || boots – JESSICA SIMPSON via VICTORIA’S SECRET online || 

My beautiful cousin and fellow blogger sent me the top for Christmas (along with some other goodies) and I’ve been wanting to wear it ever since. The bright cobalt blue is my absolute favourite color, she’s the sweetest.. be sure to check out her blog, but download google chrome first so you can translate the Danish! I bought the multi-color braided leather belt the other day and knew that I had to pair the two together, everything else is old season, check out the le chateau outlet for tons of chic steals.

grey matter

city chic in SHADES OF GREY this winter

bag – MICHAEL KORS || necklace – Forever 21||  chiffon blouse, tank, infinity scarf, sunnies, leggings and studded boots – LE CHATEAU ||

also which way do you spell grey… gray??

i’m questioning everything right now!

xo, a

What I Wore – Equestrian Blazer

I wish I could have taken better photos of this blazer, but my roommate and I were in a bit of a hurry, we we’re celebrating the moving out of our other roommate who we did not like. I may have done a happy dance in his empty room while we took these photos!

I love this blazer, like ridiculously a lot. I think that I get more joy out of shopping than anyone else I know, I first laid eyes on this blazer over two years ago, while working at Le Chateau. It never came into my store, so I didn’t buy it because I couldn’t get a discount and it was like.. $250? Way too much on my budget! Then le chateau decided to lay me off instead of transferring me to another store like they said they would, so with no discount and a great deal of personal displeasure, I boycotted the store for awhile… the blazer would have to wait. Fast-forward to this Christmas, my boy gave me a gift card to le shit, since he knows I still love their clothes despite loathing the company itself. My best friend (and aforementioned roommate) works for le chateau now (despite my warnings!) but she hooked me up with her friends and family 50% discount, and I tracked down my beloved blazer to the outlet in Westhills. Finally after 2 years of wanting and waiting- the blazer was mine, for a marvelous price of $50.

WHAT I WORE~ Wool Blazer, Silk Tank, Silk Scarf – Le Chateau ~ Denim- American Eagle, thrifted at Trends, Kensington ~ Boots – Jessica Simpson, online from Victoria’s Secret.


I’ve had a crazy week, I decided to live with my Grandparents on weekends, and  moved in with my best friend Michelle after having some issues with my previous living arrangements, so I have had no time for blogging with such a big change on such short notice, but I think this is going to be much better! In the mean time, insta-snapshots of my busy week.

new arm candy cross bracelets studs gold

new arm candy – ALDO – cross  + stud stacked braceletsdistracted driving with Cedric Diggory

Cedric Diggory loves car rides! He hopped up onto my shoulder for the long drive!drinks with my new roomie and oldest friend

Back in the city, celebrating moving in with margaritas!and of course, food

..and by stuffing our faces with appetizers from Moxies.first night in the new home, cedric is getting settled in

Cedric getting settled in for his first night in a new home, again!love text, candles, seashells, home decor

Whenever I move in somewhere, I always need to have at least one beautiful thing set up before I unpack everything else! Scented candles, seashells, diamonds and a handwritten love note help me relax. After the stress of moving I unwound before bed with some gentle yoga.mundane task selfie - getting an oil change

Bored and vain getting an oil change. Super mundane stuff.tiger high low hem t shirt

my boy got me a giftcard, and I got me this dope Tiger high-low tee

(and a few other things) from le chateau.depression quote, people are assholes

What I learned in school today.

Hope your week is starting off well, xo, a

Borrow from the Boys

my go to outfit for city style; SKINNIES, AN OVERSIZED SWEATER & ANKLE BOOTSborrow from the boys, menswear sweater

 Almost every day in the winter I wear a variation on this look.. I live in baggy sweaters for 6 months of the year and looking in my closet its actually ridiculous how many striped sweaters I have. This one is my favourite though, its a bamboo blend XXL mens sweater from le chateau, with button closures on the shoulder. I layered it over a white silk tank top and paired it with navy skinny dress pants and open toe ankle boots. My obsession with obnoxiously bright sunglasses also continues as I rep the faux- rayban neon green wayfarers, finishing the look carrying a studded clutch and a long blingy pendant – le chateau head to toe, sunglasses from ardenes.

I love buying mens sweaters for layering, and since you don’t have to worry about buying a certain size you can find all sorts of gems in outlet stores and clearance racks. How many XXL dudes do you think would be wearing that sweater? Not a whole lot.. and that’s why it only cost me $13! I tend to lose sunglasses on a bi-weekly basis so I never buy brand name- Ardenes is my go to store for cheap and obnoxious sunglasses of all sorts!

kisses in the new year! xo, a

neon wayfarers and a slouchy beanie

Leather & Gold


The holidays are full of occasions to play dress up- stay warm and look cool in leather, cream and gold. I’m so excited to finally be wearing this pleated faux-leather skirt I picked up months ago!! Its such an adorable and affordable alternative to the alica + olivia mini I was drooling over!

leather skirt, cream sweater, gold, studs, infinity scarf, pearls, fall fashion

Boots – Aldo //  Skirt – XXI Forever // Kismet Sweater – Below the Belt // Michael Kors Handbag, Silk Camisole (worn underneath) – Trends Fashions Kensington // Infinity Scarf – Merle Norman  // All Accessories – le chateau

I’m also excited to be wearing these studded leather cuff’s I just picked up, the day after I bought them, I read a post from one of favorite bloggers, featuring the same bracelet in black- see hers here, I guess great minds do think alike! red lipstain

Something about winter and the holiday season just begs for rosey cheeks and red lips, don’t you think?

xo, aiyana

What I Wore- Job Interview

On Saturday I had an interview at Sephora! It went really well, and afterwards I handed out a few more resumes, then walked into a restaurant and got hired after an on the spot interview- its a good thing I was already in the zone!

A big part of being able to rock an interview is being confident in what you’re wearing and dressing for the position you want! The perfect blazer, fitted black pants, boots and a white blouse are a fool proof combination! Generally when going for interviews I stick to a black, white and grey pallet, with a pop of color- in this case red! Its almost always better to be too dressy than too casual, I also like to wear my hair up, otherwise I find I nervously play with it! Try a sock bun for a cute and polished look. 

The bag I’m carrying is my latest indulgence. When I found a Michael Kors in a consignment store for only $70 I had to have it! Especially since I had recently decided I needed a good quality purse that works for every day. This one was it, perfect size, perfect everything. I love the quilting and the antiqued gold finishing.


Earrings, Pashmina, Blouse, Boots, Blazer & Bangle – Le Chateau

Purse – Michael Kors -Thrifted

Pants – XXI Forever

– xo, a

The Basics Every Woman Needs

The Basics Every Woman Needs

As much fun as experimenting with all the latest trends is, these are the pieces every woman needs in her closet.

Invest in these 5 Basics:

5. red pumps

4. white blouse

3. mid-sized leather bag

2. dark wash boot-cut jeans

1. tailored black blazer

Pair these together for a fool proof outfit that looks right every time. When you’re shopping for these must-have’s take your time, try on lots, and don’t buy until you find find truly great pieces.


Remember these tips while you shop:

#5 – Red Leather Pumps

Look for genuine leather shoes (they’ll last so much longer) with a heel height you find manageable. I personally feel that slipping on red heels makes me feel instantly sexier, try it yourself! How do you know its leather? Look for the label, usually on the bottom or inside. It will show one of the following symbols for UPPER, LINER, SOLE.

#4 – White Poplin Blouse

When shopping for a blouse fit and material is essential. Look for something luxe like silk, besides being soft and durable its a natural fabric that has thermostatic properties, meaning it will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Its hypoallergenic and highly absorbent, meaning you’ll be comfortable. Make sure the blouse fits your shoulders (test this by raising your arms, if it pinches, its too tight) and doesn’t pull across the chest.  Busty girls, buy some double-sided tape, this way if your buttons gape open a bit you can stick some in there to keep it closed. Avoid Polyester at all costs, where-ever possible I like to choose natural fabrics. All clothing should have a label inside listing the material, country of origin and care instructions. Always check this label before you buy. Keep in mind many things may read “Dry Clean Only” but often you can get away with washing them in cold on the delicate cycle and hanging them to dry. When in doubt, Google!

#3 Mid-Sized Bag

Here is where you can have the most freedom, find a bag that suits your style. Again, genuine leather is your friend (unless you’re a vegan!) because it will last so much longer. Inspect the bag for quality; are the seams sewn straight, is there glue visible, paint that could flake off? Interesting detailing like quilting, studs, chains, will give your bag personality. Choose a neutral color (black, grey, brown or beige) and this will be wearable forever.  However you don’t want to play it safe buy a color you LOVE (I seem to always be buying teal) a punchy bag can add color and personality to an otherwise demure look. Find something that’s big enough to be practical, but small enough to take out. (About the size of a brick.)

#2 Dark Bootcut Denim

Jean shopping can be an absolute nightmare, no one knows your body better than you so dress for your shape. It might be a pain but everyone needs a great pair of boot-cut jeans so invest the time to go try on a large selection. Buy these a bit long and pair them with heels to make your legs look miles long. Look for jeans with a bit of stretch (check the care label for spandex) in a dark wash, and remember that fit in the waist is much more important than length. The hem should hit just at the top of your foot when you’re wearing heels.  Paying to get your jeans hemmed will make a huge difference- keeping you looking tailored and presentable- too long or too short and you’ll look ridiculous. More great tips here.

#1 Black Blazer

The black blazer is the single most important piece you can shop for. It adds instant polish to any outfit and will never go out of style. A single breasted, single button style looks good on EVERYONE. If you are very busty try a style with a waterfall front and no buttons. Make sure it fits in the shoulders and doesn’t pull across the back or at the buttons. Test the mobility you have in your arms; if you couldn’t drive while wearing it then keep looking. 3/4 length sleeves are flattering and functional. Don’t be hesitant to pay more for quality materials, like wool, and dry clean your blazers to keep the shape.

Always remember to buy for the fit you are and not for the size you want to fit. When you’re shopping don’t become depressed about having to go up a size- no one knows what the size label says but everyone can see if you’ve smushed yourself into something too small. Different stores vary so much in their (vanity) sizing that its unlikely you’ll ever be able to say with certainty what size you wear. Still hung up on that ‘medium’ label when you’re sure you should be ‘small’ ? Just cut it out! Literally (and figuratively, you’re beautiful as you are) take scissors and get rid of it. I have clothes from sizes XXS-XXL in my closet, but I’ve  cut out almost all the tags (mostly because they’re itchy) but also because my body image isn’t defined by the size label!

-xo, a