Rain, Rain.. go away..

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jumper SIRENS silk tank LeCHATEAU camo skinnies G21 studded loafers ARDENE

Okay, so summer can really show up any time now. I’m tired of the constant drizzles and threat of rain… this is Calgary, not the precipitation capital of the world thank you very much, and this. needs. to stop… I need my 2 months of summer please, and July is half over.. August better be boiling!! For real. Or I’m moving.

Comfy-casual today (and a little grumpy and tired this morning, maybe) in a basic uniform: camo skinnies, soft sweater (with cute little stud details to add a bit of interest – all the ladies at my office liked them!), basic tank and (p)leather studded loafers. A little edgy detail to add to the perfect basic combination. And the best part? This outfit cost me under $50.

xo, aiyanajane

Sugar Skulls & Neons

city style, country smile

|| leather jacket, sugar skull pashmina, ring by LeCHATEAU  ||  beanie + sunnies by ARDENE  ||  cashmere cardigan, cotton tee by ZARA  || olive skinny jeans by BLUENOTES || iPhone clutch by ALDO  ||  over the knee boots by SPRING

Hey gorgeous girls! Embracing a couple of my favourite accessory trends today for spring. I got this sugar skull pashmina the other day and I completely love it, reminds me of the late, great Mr. McQueen ❤ paired with neon wayfarer’s and an -almost- neon beanie. I’m loving my hair more and more lately.. the lightening spray I’ve been using has totally worked wonders and its getting longer you guys!! I also gave in and bought myself this little Aldo iPhone wallet. You might remember I’ve been obsessed with this Michael Kors version, but I figured I would see if I liked the style of it before shelling out the big bucks. Still not totally decided- my phone ends up outside the case 90% of the time, but i love the little wallet and its beyond convenient for going out. Worth the $20 at least!

This leather jacket I’m wearing is my favourite (I even bought two and gave one to my cousin!) it was an unreal deal ($35 for genuine leather!?) and I love the fit and tailoring. Roll up the sleeves and layer a cashmere cardigan underneath for a warm and casual look. Layered over a basic white tee and olive skinnies to add a bit of color. I  borrowed my roomie’s boots, I love that we’re the same shoe size! These over the knee boots from Spring were on sale for $60, they are super comfortable and cute, but I do wish they were real leather!

I think I got my pashmina obsession from my mother, but honestly I can’t rave about them enough.  If you don’t wear them, get on it girl. Not only do they add a surprising amount of warmth but a statement scarf can instantly change the whole look of your outfit! Its an extremely easy way to add color or print to a basic outfit.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter long weekend. I’m looking forward to some much needed down time with my family and some serious hugs from my mom.

xo, aiyanajane

instaUPDATE – photoshoot edition

So even though I complained about it constantly, I never actually explained how I got sick! I was outside for quite a while on a chillier than anticipated day helping with this shoot, good thing the photos turned out so nice or I would have been even more miserable about it. Moral of the story, don’t wear low rider chucks without socks when going to the mountains in February. DERP. I blame not knowing where the location was but really its just that I hate socks  >.< 

 Last Sunday I helped out my beautiful and talented (hairstylist and makeup artist) friend Kay-lee with a “gothic teaparty” concept shoot.. Every time I chill with her the urge to dye my hair blue grows!! Anyways, even though its a bit out of touch with my usual style I had a blast styling and working with her and the team! 

pre-shoot prep spray painting props || yeah, we did it inside.. it was fumetastic

did we just become best friends!? YUP || on the way to our location

not nearly warm enough even wearing an extra over coat. ||

in between takes || get your coats girls its a bit nippley out || gothic teaparty

slightly warmer || still freezing cold || still smiling

pro shot || anthony yuen photo || calgary

cara mae || photo – anthony yuen|| makeup – kaylee pearce || 

sarah ramen || photo – anothony yuen || makeup – kaylee pearce ||

mackenzie || photo – anthony yuen || makeup – kaylee pearce || styling aiyanajane

a beautiful creative team || gothic teaparty || cara mae || sarah ramen || kaylee snow || aiyana jane || mackenzie || anthony yuen

Even though it ended in me being sick for a week and counting, I had a lovely time working with this amazing group!! For hair styling and makeup artistry be sure to check out the lovely and talented kaylee pearce on her youtube channel or her facebook page. As well, for more great photos, be sure to check out Anthony Yuen on facebook!