Vintage Havana

I’ve mentioned before that Winner’s is my favourite store, but truly it never lets me down.

For my tips on how to shop in big “outlet” stores see below.

I got this dress while shopping with a friend, I picked out a top for her and when we went to pay it didn’t have a tag so the cashier called a price check…  I told the clerk it was the only one in the junior clearance section and that it was probably $16.99.  (I kind of shop there a lot, I know their pricing pretty well…)  When I turned out to be correct my friend laughed and told me I have a problem.

I disagree, because this dress only cost me $16.99 and I also found a couple other dresses on for great deals-  see them here and here.  Essentially I got 3 dresses for the price of one, so it pays off to know where to shop to get the best deals!  Check out your local Winners to see find it at a major discount, or order online here, at $70 regular price it’s still worth it, and they ship internationally!

Despite their name, Vintage Havana is actually an American brand; their clothes kind of remind me of  if Free People and Forever 21 had a love child.   I adore the ethnic inspired print on this fabric, and the dress is tailored beautifully to fit and flatter. After obsessively clicking thought their look-book I think I might need to back away from the computer slowly before I start spending like crazy…. I also love the Multi-Stripe Baja Peplum Top made from the same fabric.

Inspired by the beautiful colors on the dress, I paired it with a bright orange shoes and a contrasting blue clutch, finishing with my favourite feather earrings and mirrored aviators.. 

If you haven’t noticed, almost everything seems to be my “favourite” but this genuine leather jacket actually tops my list of “The Best Find’s Ever.”  Only $35 for beautifully tailored genuine leather, if you shop the Le Chateau outlet stores you can often find ridiculous deals if you look carefully! 

 To make a leather jacket work for summer roll up the sleeves and push them up past the elbow, it adds the perfect amount of protection when the temperature dips down at night.

Shopping in massive stores like Winners, Value Village, or a Le Chateau Outlet can be overwhelming at first, but if you have the time to look you can come out with the best deals.

Vintage Havana Dress – HERE  |  Guess Heels | Le Chateau Leather Jacket & Wallet

shopping tips, sale shopping, style advice

 I hope these tips help you sift though the masses of sale stuff to find a diamond in the rough!  xo, aiyanajane


mint & gold

mint blazer, gold sequin shorts, nude heels

blazer, blouse, heels by LeCHATEAU  ||  shorts – thrifted, similar here  ||  iPhone clutch, LA rings, skull ring, heart bangle, braided headband by ALDO

I have to make a confession, my infatuation with gold is relatively new… for years I was a strict silver jewelry girl, I also boycotted the color brown during this phase.  I decided for some reason that they were boring colors and should be reserved for old people.  Ahh, to be 15 again.  Thankfully I’m over it and now I am obsessed with gold jewelry, to the point where I am thinking about changing my medusa piercing to a gold gem, what do you think? I love how gold looks on tan skin, maybe in time for summer!

Last week we had a few days where it was like.. 18 whole degrees.. so I borrowed my BFFs blazer and busted out my new sequin shorts for a cute spring look. I love the color mint, but I always feel like it looks much better on blondes, generally I prefer bolder tones for myself.  That’s why its such a bonus to have a friend who’s clothes you can borrow! 

To satisfy my gold-fever I just bought this gorgeous feather necklace from Silla, a local boutique in Kensington (they have a shop in Lethbridge as well) they have mostly jewelry and some cute hippie style clothing, its worth checking out for the beautiful displays alone! My brass branch ring is from a store down the street, Purr, and my turtle knuckle ring is from Manana Imports, which is a couple stores over.  Generally if I go shopping in Calgary I like to hit either Kensington or 17th Avenue, absolutely if you come visit those are the areas to see- cool shops, bars, restaurants and lots of interesting people.

The main reason that I love Kensington (and 17th) is all the consignment and vintage shops.  When I walked into Trends and laid eyes on these gold sequin shorts I actually squee’d with joy.  It was kinda embarrassing… then that doubled when I found a pair of mint leather shorts and double squee’d.  The thing is, I love shorts, and I love sparkles, and leather… so really I just couldn’t help but express my joy through a shrill squeal. Hope you ladies are even a fraction as excited to see this outfit as I was to wear it! Thanks for reading gorgeous girls!

xo, aiyanajane 

casual camoflage

camo print leggings and an oversized henley

A little bit inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, but more because it finally started to feel like spring is in the air! I paired two of the greatest prints and  the biggest trends coming up for spring -floral and camouflage.camo leggings and floral bralet, billabong henley, le chateau owl necklace, leather cuff and lace vest, aldo rings and bangles Lately I’ve been embracing my inner hippie with a feather earring worn in the my conch.  I cannot wait to have the long hippie hair to go with it! Over-sized sunglasses, an adorable little owl pendant, and a knock-off Hermes studded cuff, all available at le chateau. The rest of the accessories (other than the vintage wooden bangle) “love” thumb ring, open head-to-head skull ring, and gold studded stretch bangle are all available at aldo.

conch wooden feather earring, love ring, and hermes leather cuffI love camo print, mostly because I’m a big green fan, but it also just gives that casual cool touch to an outfit. I had a dope pair of camo shorts that I donated a little while back just because I had them for so long.. then naturally, camo starts appearing everywhere! I have been searching for the perfect fitting pair of camo skinny jeans that don’t break the bank. I fell in love with this current elliott pair, but not the $198 price tag.  So the search for the perfect camo pant continues, meanwhile I couldn’t resist these $7 leggings from Sirens to embrace the trend a little without busting the college student budget!casual camoflageFloral, an annual spring trend, has been my BFF forever- I’m a girly girl at heart when it comes to clothes! The bustier is also from Sirens, retailing at a whopping $12 – it adds just a touch of print and the tiny floral print is unobtrusive enough to mix with the bold camo print.head to toe details - floral bralet and camo leggings by sirens, rings by aldo, jewelery and vest by le chateau, henly by billabongOn top I wore this Billabong Henley  its one of my favourite shirts because its honestly as comfortable as pajamas and its such a pretty, subtle shade of green. I bought it in extra-large so that I could get away with wearing it with leggings. I love buying over-sized tops, although I have to admit, I toe the line a bit when it comes to the leggings-are-not-pants rule. To add some shape to the over-sized top, and visually elongate the look, I layered a black cotton and lace vest from le chateau over top. That baby cost me a total of $5 so I keep it even though I only wear it once in a blue moon.

lace trim vest, black leather ankle boots

The ankle boots are from le chateau as well, old season.  The day after I took these my roomie brought home the most beautiful over the knee boots that would have been perfect! Thankfully we have the same sized feet so I promise you’ll be seeing them soon!Sunglasses and feather earring by le chateau

when mixing prints remember the   MAJOR/minor  mix rule

A major print – something that can be seen at a distance, pairs best with a minor print- something that is only noticeably printed when viewed close up.

which SPRING TRENDS are you most excited to try?

let me know in the comments , and be sure to leave  a link to your blog as well, I love discovering new blogs to follow!

XO aiyanajane

Thrift Store Find: Tailored Blazer

navy blazer with dark denim and grey for a perfect casual friday

thrift store finds - structured navy blazer


One thing you may know about me by now is that I cannot resist a good deal- its why I love thrifting so much! My mother always said I could pick out the most expensive item in the store the moment I walk in- it’s this eye for the expensive (read: quality) that aides in my constant search for thrift store deals. This navy blazer jumped out at me immediately- the tailoring and the stitching are impeccable. I firmly believe that when you find something at a thrift store that is clearly good quality AND fits like a glove, that it’s a divine sign that you obviously NEED to buy that item. For me, $6.99 for a blazer that fit in all the right places was much too lovely of a deal to pass up!

xo, aiyanajane

layering ideas COBALT & COGNAC


winter layers, leather, fur and knits

Winter in Calgary means lots and lots and LOTS of layers, but you don`t have to look like a bag lady!  My current favourite layering piece is the knit vest trimmed with faux-fur and lace.. it hits the fur trend without being over the top and adds much needed warmth on a chilly day. Layer a vest over a leather jacket to stay warm, or over a cardigan when the sun decides to make an appearance. To make a layered look successful emphasize the natural waist, mix colors, textures and prints but keep a tonal color scheme in mind. I chose my outfit around 2 key pieces, the cobalt blouse and the leather braided belt, sticking with shades of brown and blue (much like the Alberta landscape) for a perfectly put together look. To add to the slightly boho feel I wore a single feather earring instead of my usual conch jewelry, and a vintage wooden bangle, along with the on-trend studded leather cuff.

WHAT I WORE || chiffon top – H&M  || leather jacket, fur trim vest, cardigan, pants, belt, studded leather cuff, feather earring, sunnies- LE CHATEAU || boots – JESSICA SIMPSON via VICTORIA’S SECRET online || 

My beautiful cousin and fellow blogger sent me the top for Christmas (along with some other goodies) and I’ve been wanting to wear it ever since. The bright cobalt blue is my absolute favourite color, she’s the sweetest.. be sure to check out her blog, but download google chrome first so you can translate the Danish! I bought the multi-color braided leather belt the other day and knew that I had to pair the two together, everything else is old season, check out the le chateau outlet for tons of chic steals.


BLACK AND WHITE and legs for miles – fake super long legs by wearing a light top and dark bottom with sky platform pumps.


WHAT I WORE: sunnies, blouse, tights, shoes – LE CHATEAU ❤ floral cut out shorts- H.I.P. via WINNERS ❤ watch- walmart ❤ bracelets – ALDO ACCESSORIES

makeup - clinique Red-Y to Wear 12, Great lash - lots of lashes - covergirl and olay blush
makeup- great lash lots of lashes in black - clinique long wear lipstick in Red-Y to Wear 12 - Olay and Covergirl cream blush

MAKEUP INSPO – valentines day ❤

I love a classic red lip in the winter against pale skin, its that pretty Snow White look! Add a little blush and some amazing mascara on the top lashes, then fill brows to finish the look. These are my 3 ESSENTIAL GO TO BEAUTY PRODUCTS! Clinique Long Wear Lipstick in Red-Y to Wear 012 + Maybelline Great Lash – Lots of Lashes in Black + Covergirl & Olay Sculpting Blush 230  ALL THREE ITEMS ARE ON MY MUST HAVE LIST! ❤


XO aiyana jane

cable knit + leopard print


I’ve been obsessed with everything gold lately, so much so I want to go get my philtrum jewelry changed to gold instead of silver!! I got this leopard pendant from le chateau last month and have been dying to feature it ever since. I have such love for statement pendants, they’re simple and super chic! I was feeling inspired by the wild today, here’s how I tamed the leopard look to be office appropriate.leopard shirt under hunter green cable knit sweater


 * Sunglasses, Gold Leopard Pendant, Faux Hermes Studded Leather Cuff – Le Chateau  *  Leopard Poplin –  Jones New York Co.- thrifted  *  Hunter Green Cable Knit Sweater, Rose Gold Watch – Walmart  *  Belt – Michael Kors Men  *  Braided Bracelet, Cross Chain Bracelet, Gold Studded Bracelet – Aldo  * Boots – Jessica Simpson, online from Victoria’s Secret * Mascara- Maybelline Great Lash “Lots of Lashes” in Black * Arrow Bracelet- Vintage, my moms =]

What I Wore- Job Interview

On Saturday I had an interview at Sephora! It went really well, and afterwards I handed out a few more resumes, then walked into a restaurant and got hired after an on the spot interview- its a good thing I was already in the zone!

A big part of being able to rock an interview is being confident in what you’re wearing and dressing for the position you want! The perfect blazer, fitted black pants, boots and a white blouse are a fool proof combination! Generally when going for interviews I stick to a black, white and grey pallet, with a pop of color- in this case red! Its almost always better to be too dressy than too casual, I also like to wear my hair up, otherwise I find I nervously play with it! Try a sock bun for a cute and polished look. 

The bag I’m carrying is my latest indulgence. When I found a Michael Kors in a consignment store for only $70 I had to have it! Especially since I had recently decided I needed a good quality purse that works for every day. This one was it, perfect size, perfect everything. I love the quilting and the antiqued gold finishing.


Earrings, Pashmina, Blouse, Boots, Blazer & Bangle – Le Chateau

Purse – Michael Kors -Thrifted

Pants – XXI Forever

– xo, a

DIY- feather skirt

I can’t believe how quickly September has flown by, time flies when you’re having fun I suppose! With September quickly becoming October its time to start thinking of Halloween costumes!!

Halloween is such a fun holiday and a personal favorite of mine! Its a chance to remind yourself of childhood pleasures, stuff your face with miniature chocolate and be whomever you want to be!

I made this skirt for Halloween 2010 (predating the blog a bit so I apologize for not having tutorial photos!) Then Black Swan came out in December 2010, so my original costume was a “Bird of Paradise” (and I won “best costume” wearing it!!) but I immediately saw the potential to reuse it. Last year I went as Ace Ventura, (outfit thrifted at Divine, Calgary) but maybe this year I should be Nina!? What do you think? Any better ideas on who I should be? I’m open to suggestions.

black swan

This project takes a lot of time and patience, but it isn’t difficult.

First you’ll need a pleated black skirt, and several feather boas ( I used 6 but it will vary depending on your size.) I got everything at value village, they have TONS of Halloween stuff and the prices can’t be beat! Skirt $4 – Boa $8 each – Wings $10 get there soon to get the best selection and avoid the crazy crowds.

Starting at the bottom on a side seam, hand stitch the boas onto the skirt stretching out the pleats as you go. This will make the skirt full and bouncy. If you don’t know how to hand sew, its time to learn! Since the feathers will cover everything, you can use any thread you have on hand and it doesn’t have to be straight or perfect. Just make sure you’re thread is properly knotted and then its essentially up-down, up-down x 564632565 That’s not even an exaggeration, I estimate I put about 8 or so hours into sewing it! But, if you sit down and hand stitch while watching you’re favorite TV show you’ll have it done in no time so don’t despair!

All I did was sew the Boas around starting at the bottom and working my way up. At first just in circles (round and round and round) and then towards the top I had to loop back and forth to leave the zipper unobstructed. You’ll feel in the center of the boa a cord that the feathers are attached to, this is what you need to make sure your thread is looping over and securing down. Other than that, have patience my pretties!

Once your skirt is done (ps- I’d love to see photos!!) to finish the costume off find a strapless black top. (Mine is from Le Chateau, should be available in their outlet locations. As are the shoes.) The best thing about this Halloween costume is you can wear tights (yay, warmth!) and flats! (Yay, comfort!) The skirt is actually quite warm (now I know why birds are so fond of their feathers) but be a bit wary if you have allergies.. I was sneezing by the end of the evening!

time to spread your wings and learn to fly!
xo, a